Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day.

That's our brother. He looks the most like our Big Uncle.
I don't think our Big Uncle is ever vulnerable. I don't think he even eats, because in nature, feeding is when prey are most susceptible to attack. And in the animal kingdom, my Big Uncle would either be a wolverine or a sasquatch or a loch ness monster. (no predators).

Today i woke up completely tossed and sauced because of him. I have never seen anyone drink as much as him and be totally fine. It's kind of disturbing. Astrid and I woke up at 7am and started cooking. We cooked our hineys off while blasting Lady Gaga because her music somehow makes you move faster; she's like audial cocaine. The rest of the house was chillaxing and watching tv and talking and laughing and she and i were slaving away behind the scenes like line chefs in the dinner rush. We even have a curtain that divides the kitchen from the rest of the house. Oh, btw! Last night, my Grampa, Gramma, Aunt and Uncle spent the night! Nick, Sam, me, Astrid, and my mum. and two dogs. that's 11 heads. Our home was so bustling and full of sounds.

We ate at 2:30 because that's when all the food was finished. We always overcook. And afterwards, i did five billion dishes. I'm not even exaggerating. I was SO SO thirsty but i didn't want to take off my wet gloves, so i asked my bro to put my Diet Sprite can up to my mouth and he... freakin Chinese waterboarded me. I spat it all up and it fizzed all over my face and i gasped, "YOU'RE DROWNING ME!" My sister and i cooked everything but the turkey. I ain't cooking a turkey when it takes 9 billion hours; this is a recession! So we bought a Publix turkey. it wuz gud. HAHA! it wuz gud. that's how 4th graders write when they're trying to be cool.

Now everyone's passed out!! And we're still trying to debate whether we want to take everyone to the Lake Lanier lights show or Black Friday shopping at Lenox. My sister doesn't want to go to the North Ga Premium Outlets because she thinks their merchandise is too secondrate. I happen to like the Outlets, gah. Anyways, i'm gonna go downstairs and check on Meems. Laterdudes!


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