Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm shocked at how sex is taken so lightly these days. I've had my fair share of romps in the sheets, but my number is nowhere near what's considered the norm. I know for a fact that there are girls in my age bracket [18-25] that have had over 5 different partners a year. It scares me to think that when I have a daughter, she'll be thrust into a society with this mentality that when a guy buys a girl a drink and is pretty nice to her and buys her dinner a few times, she's supposed to put out. Anyway, I got to thinking about sex. Here's what I found. The Stranger did a survey in 2009 and received 6,492 completed sexual surveys. Here's some tidbits I found interesting.
  • 95.29% received oral sex
  • 94.73% performed oral sex
  • 46.08% have had their butt fucked
  • 42.86% have cheated on your partner
  • 36.82% had sex you didnt regret while strung out on drugs
  • 23.29% had sex with a vegetable/fruit
  • 19.19% masturbated with your webcam on
  • 15.56% peed on someone
  • 12.85% been peed on
  • 9.22% paid for sex
  • 9.16% used viagra/levitra/cialis
  • 6.8% been paid for sex
  • 3.5% had sex with a homeless person
  • 3.05% had sex while watching Anderson Cooper
  • 2.19% had sex with an animal (ZOMG.)
Another thing--have you ever looked at a guy and just KNEW he's got a small wanker? There are quite a few guys in Atlanta who fall under this category. It's the logical assumption that when a guy's voice is high pitched, his thingy will be ittybitty. Sometimes I look at pictures of people and think, "Man, i can't even imagine them boning!" Or I imagine how they are in the sack... and you can definitely tell who the stars are for sure.

HEY! Liz here! Allow me to interject with some funfomation. I know many of you may already know that i have a huge history with pornography. As in, i used to watch a lot of porn. I don't care who knows. I'm like an expert. Which i understand may strike some as kind of funny/creepy at the same time. But whatevers, I can get away with it because i'm not a bald fat man. I'm the type of girl who likes to do research on interesting topics and garner whatever firsthand 411 i can. I have a voracious appetite for... well... a lot of things.

Something i was just reminiscing about as Astrid was annoyingly writing this post aloud, is my crazy college days at good ole UGA when one of my gay classmates and i watched a gay porn. If you're gonna have a lot of gay friends, might as well know what they like/dislike and just know what they're about! Right? You got a girlfriend who is Russian, you talk about Moscow Fashion Week! you know? it's fun! So what gets me confuzled is when people talk about "loving gays" and "SAYING NO TO PROP H8!" but they're weirded out by Glambert's male on male smoocheroo and they get all dont-ask-dont-tell about gay sex. it ain't purty. yeah, poop comes out! who cares? i think lesbian sex is way grosser (but that's just because i'm kind of grossed out by butches and can't help it and i'm sorry, ok? im sorry).

whatevers! If you're gonna support someone, you support every grain and aspect of that person. Yes, the Bible says love the sinner; hate the sin, but when you love someone, you love them-- you just love them. You don't sit there focusing on their negs and cons and all their friggin sins. I mean, who does that? I'm not gonna cast the first stone! i can't! if anything i'd be the first stoned =(.

PS. how come we Christians get so up-in-arms about "the homosexual problem" when there are far worse sexual problems running rampant in society? Dude, Precious is a movie about a girl (who is a hunk of melting fudge) who gets RAPED and impregnated by her FATHER. This kind of stuff really happens! There are rapists who still have multimillion dollar sports contracts! Who is to say what kind of sexual sin is the worst? I mean, does God have them on certain levels of puninshable-ness? Even sex before marriage is against the Bible's teachings!!! How many of us are guilty of that? hm? just sumpthin to chew on....

Astrid + Liz.

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