Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i think my mum thinks it strange that i drink everyday. Ups!

B-b-b-ut!! Its SOOOO delicious, mum. I have to.

And plus, it's her fault she brought back a big jar of some kind of exotic slightly fermenting Korean berries from the Motherland--which, duh, i poured vodka into, immediately... what was her intention for those berries, anyways??!!! OMG, these weird berries are so tart and so delectable for alcohol. It just kills the taste.

Oh, wow, i just saw a preview of Avatar by James Cameron. It looks amazing. I really liked the lead actor from the latest Terminator film. What's his name again? Sam...something. He's Australian. Oh noes, i really should not drink and blog!!! I'm so paranoid i will write something stupid, or worse, make a typo.


ps. i love you whoever reads our blog. i love you, forrealz.

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