Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Report by Astrid!

Friday was Tony's Birthday @ Taco Mac. For some weird reason, my sis loooves Taco Mac "cos of their quesadillas!!!" but um... quesadillas taste the same everywhere, loser. Lately, I've been nerding it up and sporting my lenseless glasses and falling asleep on my tax textbook so I was looking forward to chitchattingitup with my friends and nontrainwreckingly sipping on a few cocktails. FAIL. My sister and I were under the impression that since it was like 12 laid-back dudes and 5 girls total, it was going to be one of those casual beer, barfood, and byebye type things. so naturally, we bypassed beer and started pounding the real shit. We always, ALWAYS start off any dindin with some variation of a hard liquor/soda combo; for me it's sugarfree redbull ketel or cranberry ketel and for my sister it's always either patron straight no-salt-no-lime or Jack and diet. Bonabelle aka Bonbon arrived to the huge spread of food and pitchers and like a good mini-me of my sis, she, too, bypassed nourishment and ordered Jack and diet and got right down to it. What a good girl.... she don't mess around.

However, after everybody finished grubbing on their Three-Mile-Island wings and nachos all-the-ways... it was Primehof anyone? Our entire party moved venues and Crown Special started pouring from the heavens. We saw Jen there. She was cute as a button, as usual. She's one of those non-high-maintenence girls that always looks pretty even without a single bit of makeup. Gah. I should punch her in the face!! Green with envy. *wink* Dsuh and Nars showed up and i plunkered down next to my girl at the bar and had a loverly convo w/ her and of course touched base on the next evening's plans! I ran into some more friends and really had a blast. Who knew i could have a blast @ Primehof? I normally despise that place. But it's all about the company you keep, and my company is always an epic ball. And when i'm having a ball, I tend to drink more. And when I drink more, I tend to talk more. And when I talk more, I tend to hug everyone as if they're my bff. And when I hug everyone, strangers included, I feel even MORE happy, and drink more. And the cycle continues. It's the circle of life that ends in death and glitter. I go from having a ball to dying. Epic zex a la Gaga!
Saturday: the day we'd all been waiting for!!! Nars' big bday bash. Drinks & dindin @ Restaurant Eugene. Chef Linton Hopkins was nominated for a James Beard Award last year and crowned one of Food&Wine Magazine's best new chefs. *shrug* what do i care. Not like i'm paying attention to the food when i'm out in a cocktail dress anyway. This place reminds me of a hotel joint. Contemporary and candlelit. Glass installations hanging from high ceilings. You know the drill.

You know those women who are like "i-am-a-meat-and-potatoes-kinda-gal" and take millions of pictures of their food when they're out? Well, i'm not one of those adorably relatable chicks. I like to drink at restaurants and food is just whimsical table decor that looks as avant garde as any place else. That's why you always order the same thing. For me, it's tuna whatever or caviar sans creme fraiche and aspic. that's the wack way i roll! but i swear, my sister's wild mushroom entree looked like potpourri pieces. But it was cute. That's all that matters. The After party was at Aurum Lounge. This place was gilded with gold: couches, paintings, and wall art. You've probably seen all the pix on my facebook. All in all it was a really lovely time.

On Sunday, my sister and i brunched @ Nori Nori and were surprised at how many young Koreans were there. This might sound really conceited and lame, but sometimes i catch people glancing and doing doubletakes at me like they've seen me someplace out and about or know me.... and i wonder, should i be recognizing them, too? Cuz normally i don't. I suck at faces and names; i'm terrible. Maybe it's just the not-so-common hair.... or how the makeup from the night before looks in sunday sunlight (prostitutey)... or i probably really do know them somehow and forgot... and look like a snob for not recognizing back and at least grinning. At any rate, that happened maybe 5 or 6 times throughout our 2 hr brunch and i leaned across the table to whisper my thoughts to my sister who snapped, "who do you think you are, Paris Hilton? It's cos you SMELL LIKE A WINO!!!" She said she could see a trail of alcohol smell following me "like the energy bubble thingy in that movie Donnie Darko." i dunno what the hell that means. I even googled energy bubble, Donnie Darko. Nada.

Afterwards we were basically useless and hungover until late in the afternoon and watched NatGeo's Taboo on Prostitution, movies on HBO, and dozed in and out of consciousness.

Well! That was our weekend in a nutshell! :) This weekend, we're off to

NYC again.

So that should be another fun pic-filled wkend update!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Blurb for the Day...

before i have to head out for my hair appointment! I saw this video on Ekimura's blogspot and kind of... felt... funny.... because... *rubbing toe in the sand*

well i think i sort of look like these freakyass girls. There, I seddit! They look slightly jingeuruwuh [creepy] to me. I hope i am not this creepy-looking. Pay close attention at around the 1:08 mark, too. There's a super eerie shocker. Only Asians can pull it off this efficiently. You'll know what i'm talking about after you see it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday was my mum's 62nd Birthday. She is old as balls, dude. I can't even believe how old she is. But she looks young and acts even younger, so it's all good. She says we keep her youthful. Whaaaat EVARRR ~ her crazyass New Zealand sheep placenta skincare cream aka botox in a bottle keep her youthful. So anyways, we grilled burgers for her dindin and topped it off with Johnny.

My burgers: ground beef or chuck, montreal steak rub, eggs, onions, garlic, worcestershire, A1, breadcrumbs. That's about it. My bros require 1lb burgers with cheese.

Anyways, that night I was up until 3:30 am watching How Green Was My Valley. It's the movie that beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture at the 1941 Oscars. When i was 8 or 9, my mom rented it from Video Galaxy and sat me down to watch it with her. Of course to any kid, black and white picture is a total turnoff, but being the curious/creepy child that i was, i was totally titillated by the romance between Mr. Griffin-played by Walter Pidgeon-and Angharad-played by the drop-dead gorgeous Maureen O'hara. I was like, "oooh, she's so beautiful... oooh, it's so romantic... oooh, when they kiss i get all tingly inside..." Today, it's one of my most beloved classic films. It's a freaking work of art. I think John Ford is one of the greatest American directors that ever lived; that's probably more fact than opinion.

Random Irrelevant Aside: Elizabeth Taylor was best friends with all the great actors of her generation. Plus, she was the ULTIMATE supremo creme de la creme of Fruit Flies. Seriously. Roddy Mcdowall, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, James Dean, etc. She's my hero!

So i woke up all tired and cranky this morning and of course it was pouring rain. When it rains, i have to wear a hat. One of my biggest pet peeves is when raindrops keep falling on my head, like that BJ Thomas song. Yeah, so i HAVE to wear a hat and tuck all my hair in because rain cannot touch my hair, and i look like a small orphan a la Oliver Twist. I hate the smell of rain and if my hair smells like rain, i die a little bit inside. Speaking of hair, i have an appointment tomorrow at 1 @ Northpoint Toni&Guy. Must not forget.

Friday night is Tony's bday at Taco Mac, Saturday is Nalee's bday dinner at Restaurant Eugene and then afterparty at Aurum Lounge in Midtown (Astrid picked the party spot), and Chris&Monica's farewell party at TBA. Sunday is another bday dinner for my mom with my grandparents...it'll probably be at Geum Boohl. My head is spinning right now...imma go take a nap.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today, I walked into my daily cafe joint this morning and was greeted by a plethora of smells; breakfast pastries, freshly ground hazelnut coffee, breads in the oven, and wait...what is that...omigah... Coolwater by Davidoff. Yes, the fragrance that everyone spritzed on at one time in their life. Immediately, I was taken back to that time in life where I wore my brother's and guy friends' clothes to school and was the ultimate tomboy. Shocking, i know. Excerpt from the 90's.

Boy: My mom says I can't play with you anymore.
Peas: Well, WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! Gosh! (This was way before the term "Gah" was coined.)
Boy: Because every time I hang out with you, i go home with bruises.
Peas: *rolls eyes*

This boy still runs in our everyone-knows-everyone current Korean-Atlanta society. PUHAHAHA~!

HAHA. thank you Coolwater for bringing back that oldschooltidbit. At least I'm not abusive anymore... physically that is. i grew out of that and graduated to abusing them in their hearts. kakakaka.


Last night i watched District 9 on Blu Ray and it was even better the second time. Today in Film class i told the class that District 9 is probably my favorite film this year. Everyone else said Avatar. Jeez. I didn't really like Avatar and when i said that aloud, i could literally feel the wtfs around me. BUT!!! My professor agreed! HA! HAAAAAAAAAAA! I can't stand cornyness and Avatar is FILLED with cornyness. Plus i hate Zoe Saldana. She overacts.

The end.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Superficial Fears of Mine...

(1). The Bull Shark is considered the most dangerous shark in the world. They are aggressive, common and live near shorelines. Terrifyingly, they can survive in both salt water and fresh water!! Imagine swimming around in the ocean in a really cute teeny weeny yellow polkadot bikini and bumping into one of these buggahs... i'd probably drown mahselfs. Anything's better than getting torn to shreds by this:

(2). Philip Seymour Hoffman FREAKS me out. He looks part child molester, part pervert, part ssaiko. He looks like a freakin creep and i can't even watch any movies with him in it - not even the mainstream ones like Mission Impossible cuz i'm afraid he's gonna adlib a creep-line. A long time ago, my sister, a friend and I were at the Jaybird Alley Starbucks chilling and drinking coffee and laughing. We noticed there was a man that was sitting in one of those unmarked vans aka rapist vehicles, looking in our direction. I didn't see his face, but i'm pretty damn sure that he looked like Hoffman. And then our friend squeals and grabs us to go inside because, "OH MY GOD, HE'S F*&%G MASTURBATING." And Starbucks had to call the police! Ever since my sister, aka film guru, introduced me to him in Hard Eight and Boogie Nights, I've had nightmares, like, seriously. He was such a creep in Boogie Nights, omygaaaaaat. He had that creepy crush on Dirk Diggler aka Mark Wahlberg. How many times did i say creep in this paragraph? i dunno. i'm so creeped out right now.

(3). I'm deathly afraid of obese people. I have Cacomorphobia - fear of fat people. And like most normal people, my fears come hand-in-hand with dislike, disgust, prejudice, and even hatred. I'm sorry, i don't believe in "fat genes". You're obese because you got lazy and you ate your feelings or whatever. These people deserve to get charged double for plane tickets. The fat tax is imperative so that normal humans don't have to suffer for the sins of the obese; it wouldn't be fair if i had to be squished during an entire flight because i had to sit next to an obese person. Forget banning gay marriage! I think morbidly obese people should not be allowed to marry by law; this will only perpetuate and exacerbate the fatness. The fatness would take over.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet Tea, Sweet Peas

Chick-Fil-A dinner mints are so delicious. They're not like regular dinner mints. There is a special Chick-Fil-A potion in them. I like to entertain the notion that they add heavy cream to their dinner mints to make them so velvety. But that's kinda gross. They're sweet with a touch of salt, and that is my most favorite flavor profile. I love kettle corn, toffee, and peanut brittle.

Chick-Fil-A sweet tea, however, is not such a homerun. For one thing, it's not brewed strong-and-long enough. True Southern sweet tea has a touch of bitterness. Secondly, it's not nearly sweet enough. The way that my mother makes sweet tea is the way that Jewelle (our elderly Southern belle family friend who knew us as babies) taught her.... and that's an entire box of Lipton boiled in equal parts water and sugar. Authentic Southern sweet tea is basically a simple syrup. We were raised on sweet tea. My mother practically stuck it in our baby bottles. From when we were babies up until ages 6, 5, and 4, my parents owned a soul food diner in the heart of downtown. My first scent memories are onions frying on a greasy hot griddle and my first taste memory is sweet tea.

Anyways, Chick-Fil-A sweet tea. Fail.

Anyways, these are some thoughts i had running through my head around noon today. Also, i've decided i must have a freakin nail in my tire because my TPMS light won't go away. ohhh, bother. *Pooh voice* Here are pix of Peas chatting it up with a mystery male. oh whoooo could it beeeee ... ? And doesn't Peas look sweet?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is it about GIRLS jammin and melting faces that is so freakin primal?! MEOWWRRRRR!!!! i call the Plastiscines fauxrawkers because reports are, these Parisian mademoiselles come from wealthy and connected boujie families. in other words, they practiced ballet all their lives and went to the best schools, and had band practice in an actual studio as opposed to a friend's garage. they're fauxhemian. oh... and they're all "bisexual" or "lesbian"... ugghhh ~ whaaaatever. but at least they're cute.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You're the Boss, Applesauce.

Today i was reminded of something i already knew... of the fact that my sister, Astrid, is an alpha-female. Once long ago, Simon oppa told me that. "Pinky is an alpha-female." And then he decidedly affirmed, "You, Liz, are not an alpha-female."

i am a betafish. I am a lamb in wolf's clothing, and over its clothing the wolf is wearing a fur coat. so it's kinda like a turducken.

It's the first time in years that i am attending school. And it's not for something i've always been imprisoned in school for (English). I'm reimmersing myself into the world of academia so corrupted by retarded T.A's and sorostitutes, specifically to explore something that i'm really interested in. Performance arts. Film. I am taking theater, acting, and journalism classes. And honestly, it's scary and *shrug*whatevers*shrug* at the same time. And it's also the first time in years that i'm going to school with my sister. UGA seems like a distant, drunken, memory. I find myself in the middle of downtown Atlanta in a peacoat, shivering my bum off, bbming Astrid strategic rendezvous points between our classes. It's actually a lot of fun!

After my first class, we decided to meet in the courtyard. I spotted her a mile away. She always makes this tornado flurry entrance... even when we aren't entering anywhere. She was wearing a leopard spotted coat, leather pants, and thigh high lace up boots and toting an oversized gucci bag as her bookbag. She smiled with an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth and waved with a hand clad in an expensive Italian calfskin glove. Astrid has sophisticated taste. I don't get it... how can you keep from scuffing those kind of gloves? I was wearing the gloves my mom bought me from Godknows what flea market; they have fingerpuppets on each finger. That's 10 fingerpuppets-- they're all very different, too. I'm not really sophisticated. You know how style just comes naturally for some people? I've realized it doesn't for me. I end up pulling on whatever feels comfortable at the moment and whatever i think looks pretty. I wear vintage boots from my mom that are all tattered. But! They're perrrrfect.

She grabbed my hand and led the way, literally pushing through the crowd as if she was my bodyguard or something. "Hey, are you guys twins?" "NO!" and she doesn't even crack a smile or acknowledge the inquisitor. If it's me, it's a dumb grin and an almost apologetic "aha, no."

She ordered coffee. Direct. No small talk. They almost mess it up, but they can't under her eagle eye. "No. I said skim milk. Thanks. A little more milk. Right there. Perfect." Seems slightly bossy, but she gets what she wants. I can't even count the times she's cut in front of a long line to take the cup back and announce, "This does NOT taste right. I need a remake." I mean, she practically snaps her fingers. I, on the other hand, will quietly wait til the barista's finished, sip, sulk a little bit about it inside, and just drink it anyway. Like a defeated mouse. If i can muster the courage on a particular day, i'll ask, "Do you think i could have another pump of vanilla, please? Thank you so much."

It's not that she's a bitch. And it's not about an inappropriate sense of entitlement, either. She has a mission and it's to get from point A to point B without distraction and in record time. Sometimes it's annoying because she has the patience of a child. And i feel like she might come across to people as abrasive, rude, and overpowering. But she's so much like our mom - i can't even explain it. Spirited is the word. Not bitchy but.... zippy. Funny enough, sometimes i come across other girls with the same zip and i gravitate toward them - and you know what? Most of the time, they're misunderstood but they could care less that they are! It takes a rare kind of man, one cool hand luke, an alpha amongst alphamales, to get and appreciate her and be able to stand up to her and stand her.

Sometimes, such meaningless little moments shoot reminder-lings (mini reminders) at you like acupuncture needles. And suddenly you feel better inside.

I don't mind not being an alpha female. I like following the leader and feeling taken care of and looking up to people. I think we older siblings are like that for the most part. Well anyways, today was one of those days when i felt grateful for her... and proud of her for no reason, no particular reason at all.

today's rendezvous point.

my fingerpuppets

OHHohhh~ PS! Here are my nails today.


My First Day of Escuela...

Today has been glorious. I've been about to burst waiting all day to get a chance to write it all down and share it with you all!!

Today was my first day of class. Yes, I go to school. I graduated from UGA a zillion years ago, but
I decided to go back last year to be reinspired and low and behold, i think i've found my calling! How exciting. I can already imagine myself in the near future, finally falling into the category of people I adore most: the movers&shakers.

I woke up at 530am. It is an ungodly hour for most, but even the 2 glasses of whiskey the night before couldn't calm my nerves. I'm extremely lame like that. My first class is taught by Dr. Butler. It is the perfect 8AM class. She's this genius old gramma lady that probably sleeps with 22 year olds. blond of course. Her lesson was summed up in one phrase: DO NOT BE BORING. Works for me. My second class is taught by Dr. Mitchell. He's in his 40's. Married and has a belly. His entire lecture consists of making references to tv shows like the office and how i met your mother. I guess when you get married, all you do is watch tv?? BOO!! The most important thing I got out of his lecture is that The Varsity's FO (Frozen Orange) has 400 calories in it... more than a chili dog. I know... mindblowing stuffs!!

This leads me to my most favorite class this semester: Tax. I walked down the hall, plopped down and situated myself in the front row. Professor Fenn had a red pepper next to his name on ratemyprofessor.com, so naturally I was more inclined to snag box seats for his lecture! In walked this little, black man. I was so sad. I sat there listening to him ramble about himself and thought, "Damn, this class is totally going to blow. I can BARELY understand what this dude is saying". He handed out the syllabus and it read... INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE. I was mortified. It took me 15 mins to realize that I was in the wrong class. I got up. Announced my mistake so as not to seem like a rude lil bastard. Got snickered at. And ran out. I eventually found the correct room. Met the REAL Professor Fenn and immediately got excited about the course. He's not supermodel beautiful.... but he is handsome and he's got charisma. AND he wears 3-piece suits. I sat there hypnotized. I was gazing into his eyes. Married. 2 kids. Damn. But if i were ever to pull an Eva Amurri in Californication, I'd totally pick Professor Fenn. He'd be my Hank Moody.

I just got out of my final class for today. His name's Carmel. Like CARMEL-o Anthony. Gosh, I love saying that name... carmelllllooooooooo. Anyway, he's a short, bald, fat, four-eyed nerd that loves discussing viagra and real world viagra situation shit. Kinda creepy, no?? Every time he said "viagra" my eyes naturally check out his package. U would too!! Don't you judge me. He's notorious for being an easy professor though.

Peas' Rule No. 4 - Work/Study Hard...then Play Harder.

At the end of our lives, we all end up becoming something. It is inevitable. So why not control who you want to become? Whether it's braver, skinnier, wealthier, kinder, we control the outcome. I think people tend to forget that we're all canvases. You may already have painted a perfect picture... but it's all about progression and growth and moving forward. Monet frequently reused his canvases. He erased all or some of what was previously painted. So whether you've erased everything and want to start over or you're just erasing a relationship or a career path, keep painting. Deesees wot i yam tryEENG to do. *French accent* Keep adding to your body of artwork. Cheers. *British accent*

xx, Astrid

Monday, January 11, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that I am a morning person. If you want
me to sleep in past noon, there's only one remedy: a drugs sex alcohol cocktail on the rocks. If one of these ingredients are missing, i am up and about by 7am. My sister hates this about me, especially after my morning espresso fix... i literally bounce off the walls and she is the BIGGEST nighthawk and anti-sunrise. the evilness, what can ya say? The great thing about being up at the ass crack of dawn is the silence. Like a vampire, I crave the comfort of the darkness, but without the stillness of dawn, i'm drained. The sunrise and silence re-energize me. *FANGS SHOOT OUT*

So i'm at the nearest coffee shop on my macbook and i've been here for an hour and it's almost 9am.

Anyway, 2010. So excited. My Master Plan is in the works. Travel destinations are made. What shall I reinvent myself as this year, I wonder... Gypsy? Pirate? Waif? Dictator?!?!?! I guess we'll wait and see!

xx - Astrid

My Current Favorite Song on Fiendish Rotation:
"My Love" by The Bird and the Bee

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is in honor of BeeMurph, who actually dun the Death by 30 mantra, thus creepifying our formerly funny little toast. Henceforth we lower the bar and up it to 40. (this might not make sense to the peasants ~ but it makes deep, poetic sense to the Death & Glitter squad). You know who you is.

The film is Love and Other Disasters. The critically bashed (yet somehow still my favorite) Brittany Murphy flick. She completely channels Holly Golightly in her role as a flighty, matchmaking, gayloving American expat Londoner who works for British Vogue. I think of the reasons i love this flick--the characters' wardrobes, lifestyle, and living arrangements-- the thing i'm drawn to most is the look and feel of their homes. Weird for me, because normally all my attention is focused on every minute detail of hair, makeup, and clothes. But after i saw this flick it was all about set decorations, colors, furniture props, fabrics, etc. --all because i adored certain aspects of BeeMurph's home so much that i couldn't stop pondering and guesstimating how this apartment set with all these dimensions must translate onto real life. The only sets and stages i've been on are those for Showtime's Dexter (remember that?!) and i was shocked at how cardboardy everything looks. I know all about how lens angles and lighting and zoom collaborate to produce a purty picture but MAN! The camera crew for Dexter does a crazy awesome job making nothing look like a prolific reality. (esp the garish yellow tropical themed living room - omyhideous - and it was nothing but a few green walls, a table, sofa set, and baby toys!). Actually, wow, my vintage romper looks pretty garish, as well. Hey, but isn't that Hollywood pic i snapped from the Sunset-Gower Studios quite pretty? So here's the movie set i'd like to live inside.

Love and Other Disasters

I want my kitchen/dining room to look exactly like this one where Brittany is perched atop the stool stark naked with the Jamie Oliver cookbook. i want indoor brick walls. so simultaneously chic and grungy. kind of like Courtney Love circa 1998, the whole "when i wake up / in my make up / it's too early for that dress / Wilted and faded somewhere in Hollywood" feel. I love that feel. I live that feel... most of the time.

I want those oversized bulb holiday lights and the vintage neon restroom signs, except i want one that says THE LOO. Funny, i have always had a keen lovin' for neon signs inside homes. It gives the living space such an industrial / modern / sodapop vintage feel that i'm absolutely bananas for. I remember when i first saw it in the Adam Sandler movie "Big Daddy" and i was like OMYGAT... LIVE NUDES... MUST HAVE... IN MY HOME... AND DANCE NEKKID IN FRONT OF IT... (for my dinner guests)

I think the loo should always be white. white ceramic or stone tile. white metallic glaze. white porcelain. that's the only way to ensure immaculateness. i abhor black marble granite; yeah, it looks nice with stainless steel kitchen appliances, but i'm one of those people who is obsessed with spots and germs and cleanliness (it's next to godliness). and i feel like black marble granite somehow never gets totally cleaned. and those black or red colored toilets they sometimes have at restaurants or korean bars? fuhgeddaboudit. they make me puke. how would you ever know if the toilet bowl is hospital-grade antiseptic or not if it isn't pearly white? omygaaaaat, i feel the tingling onset of an anxiety attack just thinking about it. SO disGUSTiiiing.

My Uncle runs a specialty color glass company. He is sole proprietor and patent holder of an exclusive color system called XGP that was formulated in Korea and that he brought over some years ago to America and it's what allows for the most exquisite and stunning colored glass you see in contemporary kitchen backsplashes, showers, walls, doors, etc. etc. Have you seen the Manhattan condos in Perimeter? All that glass is him; he does really beautiful work, right?! Well i would definitely want all my kitchen backsplashes to be some shade of unique color glass - i dunno, it'd have to fit the color scheme i've decided - and also for my shower stall to be color glass. Actually, you know what?! I just want everything to be glass. I want to live in a color glass earthquake hazard of a Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie human aquarium house. Like Shamu!

I like white bedrooms. I think wall color mostly just shrinks the size of a room. Interior design / decor, home staging, and styling is about improving a space's cosmetic aspects as well as amplifying square footage and maximizing functionality. Well, that's what i read once anyway. I think white lends a crisp quality to the bedroom, especially if you have textured walls like this bedroom. And you can always work from there; paintings, colored furniture and rugs, etc. I would keep it all white and black. like shamu. Because i'm anal and am obsessed with white. And i haven't yet reached Interior Enlightenment - the Ikea catalog creativity level. *shudders w/ awe* Although i have this hunch that they clutter up a room so bad that u can't help but think WOW, CREATIVE!!! They freakin OD the rooms with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves FILLED w/ books. who owns that many freakin hardback books? all mine are, like, softback and have this peculiar mark of the devil on it. ==> i have regressed scholastically.

Oh, and these are my nails today, btw. I'm bedridden and totally dying, so this is all i've done ALL DAY. nails, haribos, blog. USELESS! I had a frickin dinner to go to tonight and i had to raincheck. and i want to eat sauteed mushrooms SO BAD. GAH!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Wake Up This Morning...

And i have bronchitis. That burn-in-the-chest, cant-get-the-phlegm-out, pointless hacking cough that hurts your ribs. I rolled over in bed dramatically (pretending that i'm dying), and i peeked out the window to be greeted with this! I even ran all the way downstairs to see if it's real! Yep, it's the white girl. Everywurrs. As we speak, I am swallowed up in my XXL Tommy Hilfiger Tshirt drinking hot chocolate and blinking really hard because my eyes are practically swollen shut. But i must make a trek to Publix to get some juice, tussin, and scoobysnax or i might not make it.

So we finally got a Winter Wonderland! Well, not really but you gotta understand, in GEORGIA, if there's this much snow, there's talk of shutting down businesses early and school snow days and "omygaat drive slowly!" puhaha. Tonight? The initial plan was to sip a few cocktails at Midcity Cafe and go see Rose at Halo... but i can't go anywhere like this. (not this as in sick--i even went to annie chang's farewell party with a 103 fever and it ain't no thang--but this as in i'm looking like a San Fran heroin junkie). Rose bartends in Lindbergh Station @ Halo Lounge, MY FAVE! She's the hottest bartender there. GO SEE HER!!!

So anyways, tonight i think i shall gather the gals and have a pyjama party at the crib and drink some of the leftover patron we had from the other night or have some wine at La Madeleine before going to Perimeter Regal to see Leap Year. Don't really fancy Amy Adams, but she looks terrific in this flick. My wonderful sister Astrid just got off work and is coming to pick up my frail body *literally* to go somewhere to eat. Maybe Roasters because i love their creamed spinach. Or Canton Cooks because i hear theirs is the best authentic Chinese. Wait, what am i talking about, i don't want to eat Chinese. OH! i'm going to make her take me to Nori Nori because one of my adorable dongsaengs Hannah mentioned it on her FB and i've been curious about it ever since. (it's literally right down the road).

Ciao Ciao,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ellen von Unwerth, Fräulein


*doing cartwheels*
It is mine
it's really mine.

Do you guys remember a few months ago when i was like "Santa please give me this riDICK, over-the-top collectors' item for Christmas, puhleeeeeeease!!!" ? Well. Yesterday, Santa answered my outrageous plea. It came in an obnoxiously GIANT BOX. To my doorstep. I had no clue what it could possibly be. And then...

*jaw dropping* NO F*CK**G WAY. Disbelief.

Fräulein. There are only 1500 copies in the whole world! i am #702.

Look, i even took blackberry pix to prove it!

As you might have gathered (from knowing me personally or reading my self-indulgent little blob), i am obsessed with Ellen von Unwerth. Absolutely and utterly in fiendish fixation with her work... the blasts of capricious, reckless color... the sinless & pristine black and white. *SWOON FOREVER, ENDLESS SWOON* It's like a 482page tour of beautiful bombshells (because Ellen doesn't care about girls next door--it's all about the BOMBshells) through the eyes of my fave photographer and it's like a special privilege, it really feels like it. My mum, on the other hand, takes a glimpse and exclaims, "what is this, is this PORnoGRAPHee??!" <-- that's how she pronounces it. POR' noh GRAP' pee. Taschen Books publishing says,
"von Unwerth's photography revels in sexual intrigue, femininity, romance, fetishism, kitsch humor, decadence and sheer joie de vivre. (ahem!--nouns that i adore and could roll around and bask in forever). Whether nude or in lingerie and a dazzling smile, her subjects are never objectified. Some flaunt personal fantasies; others are guarded, suggesting that we have stumbled into a secret world. Fashion and fantasy were never so enchantingly combined. These images were shot over the last 15 years and many are previously unpublished."

And it's mine. It's available Feb 2010 but i have it right now in my arms. How? Because apparently elitism can move mountains. I feel so freaking lucky and honored and blessed and giddy at the same time. You have no idea how special and dear and overwhelming this gift is to me, and i will cherish it forever and ever. Enough saccharine talk. This 4olb work of art is mine!!! My only. My precioussss. MMmm, i feel like eating SUSHI right now...