Friday, November 20, 2009

Makes Me Feel Better...

Ok, so...

I feel kind of bad about yesterday's blogrant. I was just in a bad mood stemming from certain current situations. and i'm not perfect: sometimes i get angry and blow up [doll] although, normally i like to keep it to myself rather than show the world that i can be a mean Beth (my terribly blunt alter ego).

I feel like i was really mean. i lost my temper. So i'm sowies.

Right. Moving right along.

When i see pics of photoshopped stars, it makes me feel better about myself and my unphotogenicness. (my sister has always taken better pictures than i). it's ok. i have a way awesomer personality and i'm also funnier than her. anyways, i stumbled across these before and after shots on some random webpage. and then i found these gorge pictures of Cheryl Tweedy (my female crush) from her calendar. she's SO pretty, she's like a hotter version of Sloane from Entourage! behold... i give you worn 'n torn celebs! and then hot Cheryl!

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