Saturday, October 23, 2010

Princess Peanonoke

This is my current favorite pic of my sister, because

she looks like Princess Mononoke.


Ps.  this is random, but the way Bobby Flay cringes in displeasure and is barely unable to conceal his vexation whenever he WINS the throwdown vs. whatever-mom-and-pop-shop he challenges, makes me love him more.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blue Valentine

i am reeeediculously overexcited and anxious for this film's release so i can go see it.  Hopefully the mpaa will lift the NC-17 rating (allegedly for an oral sex scene!  which brings me to ponder...why is it that when women are on the receiving end, a film's slapped with the nc-17 commercial kiss of death?  when it's a dude on the couch or getting road head its funny and Rated R)... annoying double standards.

I hope Michelle Williams gets an Academy Award for this movie.  i just know she probably killt it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ode to The Sixties

If there is any era that I could possibly want to be a part of... it's the sixties.  I mean, I'm sure that's pretty obvious: Miniskirts, kohl and lashes, big hair, the rise of feminism, Woodstock, Motown, the Stones, The Velvet Underground, Breakfast at Tiffany's, la Nouvelle Vague, Mary Poppins, Twiggy, Jane Birkin, Francois Hardy, the bikini, speed, weed, Kennedy.  I know I must have been born a hippea in another lifetime.  That, or maybe a squirrel.  I have a limited attention span and I constantly forget where I place things.  Anyways, i wish i had been around to see these things during the sixties.  i even love the tackyass wallpaper and interior decorating of the time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Sweetness, sweetness never suits me, when I get up to take you home
Maybe it's love, love at first slightly drunk
Now I'm walking with the sun in my mouth"

Thanks to Geoff Okifanoki, Karleen and I got to see Stars perform @ the Variety Playhouse.  Let me pause a moment to say that they're mind-blowingly orgasmic live.  The crazy lights that accompanied the music were a marriage made in studio 54 heaven, the base pulsed through the melody like the blood through a house DJ's veins, and the drummer headbanged and flailed his arms like the exorcism of emily rose.  AND THEN.  the mellifluous (word of the day) voice of Amy Millan, age 37 and preggos.  Bedecked in her gold metallic leggings and armed with her pristine white guitar, she played a devilishly good show that knocked my bowed ankle socks off.  I sat there stunned, mesmerized and peagreen with envy.  You see, my puppies, my secret dream is to be the frontwoman of an indie rock band.  I don't know why I never really actively pursued it... i guess the idea of being on stage was always wishful thinking... a dream within a dream.  It's almost at that level of wanting to become an astronaut or finding the cure to cancer.  In fashion, you start at a young age.  Models are 15, internships begin at 18, designers are now budding by the age of 21.  Musicians, however don't follow this formula.  Like Millan, Emily Haines, lead singer of Metric, is 36 and she's still shredding it.  *sigh*  My sister and i are obsessed with Metric and Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, as you could probably tell from our playlists.

Anyway, concert hopping is my newest hobby.  Later this month I'm gonna catch The National and Metric.  Music is my of my much healthier drugs.  *dr evil pinky to mouth* muhahaha!

I went on a shopping binge with Nars the other day.  (bad drug).  We got to talking about weddings. Like seriously peoples, in Atlanta it's crazy:  the older women get... the more they want to get married... and a lot of them get so desperate like there's NO TIME LEFT!!!  I get sad thinking about this.  and then I wonder to myselfs...but I'm 26...i should want to get married and pop out mini peas too!! I must be missing the gene. Or maybe it just hasnt hit me yet.  It's just that there's so much I haven't done yet.  I haven't been to paris or tokyo.  I haven't started my indie rock band.  I haven't shopped at the markets of marakesh yet or had sex in a movie theater.  but most importantly, I haven't found my niche.  My ideal husband would have to be able to keep up with me and want to constantly explore and learn and be able to do a cartwheel in public, just to amuse me.  HAHA.  My clown. 

Later after shopping, I had coffee with my newest friend, Paige.  We were discussing the modern day relationship and how cheating has become normalized and even accepted.  How men are in committed relationships, yet have flings and side women.  And how the main woman/gf/fiance must be strong enough to be able to look the other way.  There is a fascinating article in Men's Health, btw, regarding this topic.

Something else that has been completely normalized is cocaine. COCAINE COCAINE COCAINE EVERYWHERE!!  I mean come on...there's no difference between a recreational cocaine user and an addict.  This is badnewsbears.  Of course i don't condone it.  And i know there can be negative aspects of being blunt and having nothing to hide... esp when it comes to censoring myself in discussing my biggest vices.  But i like my lack of dirty laundry.  It never ceases to amaze me how everyone does it.  Everyone asks me for it.  Everyone has "Dealer" in the D section of their phonebooks.  If ure sitting there thinking, omagosh, how terrible ~ guess what?  ur bff does it and the girls ure with ~ what do u think they're taking bathroom trips for at the club?  We all have our little probs and faults.  but let me just warn u:  once u get started, it's hard to stay away.  someone famous once mused, "what does it feel like? it feels like you want more."  that's all i'm going to say about that. 

Anyways.  It's time for Changes.  A few of us are taking a little weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on Friday.  I get to see the ocean.  and meditate.  a mini Promises session for me....

Ha HA.  Don't cry for me, cyberland.