Saturday, January 29, 2011

I discovered a little gem today: L'arnacoeur (Heartbreaker), starring Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis.

 I love the french. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Classical Music

I'm sitting here w/ my sister listening to classical music.

By classical, i mean Ratatat.  That's our generation's Beethoven/Mozart/Chopin.  All profound and videogameytechno at the same time.

I've decided that the only person who can save me from becoming Charlie Sheen 2.0 is myself.  Not cool, not cool.  My body needs a break and now i'm starting to realize how people like Keith Richards can still be alive.  One can survive many things.

Also, i'm going to just go ahead and post the pictures from Leonardo's bday on here.  Astrid wore a satin/silk blend robe like Hugh Hefner.  it was amazeballs and riDICK @ the same time.

I discovered that Maxim Mocha Gold coffee packets have 1.5 grams of fat in each.  Considering i only add about 10 tbs of water to the mix, that's not enough bang for my buck (buck = fat grams).  I don't want to drink it anymore even though it's deliciousness.  I have a knack for restricting myself.  With strange things... not always food/drinks/deliciousnesses.

Welp.  I'm getting kicked off Astrid's macbook now.  Time for some R&R until we close shop.  MUSIC TIME!  Ps.  Charlotte Gainsbourg looks a lot like my friend Soymilk J.  That's a compliment because Charlotte was in Jane Eyre (the good one) and she has an awesome sense of style and sings so daintily and reminds me of a daisy.

Lates. xoo.
Lizcifer >:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So here i am, listening to Strawberry Fields Forever and reminiscing my early 20s when i listened to music like the world was crumbling and it'd save me from drowning.  My headphones would keep me afloat.  I have so many photos of when i was in college and was obsessed with the color orange and dinosaurs and i liked to put on UFO's and belly tees to go to class like a baby raver.  I had a clear adidas bookbag and you could see my baby blue metro PCS phone in the front pocket along with my awesome Korean .5 mechanicals.  I dressed like sporty spice.  sigh.  Time mellows us out and borings us up.  Maybe these attributes i shall pass to my children.  I remember when my first boyfriend would make fun of me and call me "weird."  It was a total revelation to me, because for the first time ever i felt foolish and sheepish and second guessed myself about everything because i wasn't very confident at the time.  It was the first time i ever tried to assimilate and be a "normal" Korean chick.  He liked dark makeup so I discovered eyeliner and kohl.  He liked lacoste polos and blue jeans and Juicy Couture (which was big at the time) so that's what i started wearing.  He didn't like my weird music so i felt stupid for getting him a Dean Martin album.  i was just young, impressionable, a virgin, and totally wide-eyed.... desperately people-pleasing.  I learned a lot from that relationship and it was my first gigantic step toward independence.  It feels like a lifetime ago and i was a completely different girl.  What a massive difference 5 yrs can make....      

Young Celebrities

kurt cobain

akira kurosawa and francis ford coppola

brigitte bardot and jane birkin

bebe buell and steven tyler

bob marley

che guevara

david bowie and elizabeth taylor

dennis hopper

kate moss, johnny depp, iggy pop

elvis presley

george harrison, john lennon

iggy pop and blondie

iggy pop

jane fonda

depp and wino forever

moss and depp

kurt vonnegut and tom wolf

david bowie, iggy pop, lou reed

mia farrow, frank sinatra

mick jagger

marilyn monroe

jack nicholson, lauren bacall, warren beatty

salvador dali

stanley kubrick (murder weapon from Clockwork Orange)


Thursday, January 13, 2011

ATL is snowed in! (Jan 9-12 '11)

This is in front of our walkway.  We're in Perimeter, right by the mall and you could do a triple salchow on Peachtree Dunwoody RD cos it was frozen solid!  Insanity.  Atliens are NOT cut out for this type of weather because we rarely ever see snow and when we do, it dissolves instantly upon hitting the streets.  The snow is not the wacky part for us.  It's the FROZEN SOLID UNSALTED ROADS.  When we finally were able to walk to the market, produce such as eggs, milk, and bread were unavailable to us.

ps. i like the sound snow makes when you walk on it.  it's like a squish / soft crunching sound.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

watching BCS championship game wrapped in my hobbit blanket while eating cookies and Yuengling.  (i don't have milk and i'm not hiking the .006 miles to Publix again, uh-uhhh.)  i'm so happy for auburn!  cam newton looks like a hotter, non douchey version of chris brown.  He thanked God a lot and said he was "his vessel."  hmm.  i bet you Cam still gets a lotta college hottie coochie, tho.

Friday, January 7, 2011


12:08 am.  I'm so happy that Sammy gets punched in the face in the next episode of Jersey Shore.  How can a girl be THAT ugly inside and out?  *golf applause*  World record for inward and outward fugliness.

12:41am.  What is with Taylor Swift and all the ill-fitting ice skater-y dresses?  I'm sick of seeing the red lipstick.  Gwen Stefani, too.  Aguilera, too.  Enough.

4:36pm.  I feel so sorry for girls in relationships where they find themselves having to go through their boyfriends' email/phone/things or combing through other ppl's blogs because they are so insecure in their relationships.  it's entertaining for me, but at the same time i find myself feeling guilty about feeling entertained and i just feel bad for them.

I also feel sorry for ppl who use other ppl as stepping stones to networking / social climbing / whatever it is they think they're doing by name dropping to other people in other states.  your stock does not go up, u loser.  ppl are not commodities or bargaining chips.  ppl see right through you.  and i hear everything and know everything you're saying (strangely, since i dont get out much).  but i do.  do u know how many Korean folks i know in the United States?  i never vent about this sort of thing, but it's getting SO ANNOYING and it's been built up and i am allowing myself to explode.  (this is why i don't say hi to certain ppl anymore.)

I abhor pathological liars.  I will call you out on that freaky shit.  Trust.  I will also laugh at you.  (and then feel bad about laughing).  But i will laugh. 

4:50pm.  I don't mind ppl talking behind my back and calling me an alcoholic pill popping cocaine cowgirl and whatnot.  Because their opinions hold no merit in the court of liz.  At least i am a decent person who doesn't lie about anything and front about anything.  However.  It is a new year and i have given up the vices of yesteryear.  Huzzah!!!  Wait- except alcohol.  I can't give up alcohol ~ i mean how does one do that?  How is that physically possible when it's everywhere?  Do u not go grocery shopping or eat at restaurants and keep yourself caged in your house (that's been cleared of cough medicine)?  I feel sorry for alcoholics.  i'm talking about the cats who wake up in the morning to a cold glass of vodka.  It's like you don't even have a frickin chance.  I heard this joke once that you never hear of alcoholics in Korea because they're all either dead or completely functional and in denial.  (you can buy a bottle of soju in the 7eleven or Buy The Way for like 3 bux).

5:03pm.  it's Zhee VAHN shee.  (givenchy)

1:41pm. Sunday. I wish i owned a football team like Cameron Diaz.

3:00pm.  My favorite accent of all time is the South African accent.  It's beautiful.

5:13pm.  I accidentally shrunk my sister's plain white t.  OOPS.  Whoever heard of a 90 dollar tshirt though?  I always forget to LAY FLAT TO DRY.  or Tumble Dry Low.  or machine wash cold.  i primarily use the washer for black tights and panties.  and i've NEVER washed my bras. is that gross?  it's just bewbs and i never sweat. EVER.  not even in a sauna.  EVER.everever.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Revelations for the New Year

i will no longer utilize facebook's status update or twitter.  You, oh blog, will be the singular and entire brainwave/stream-of-consciousness outlet[mall].  At all times.  pho sho.  werd.  not that anyone cares, but i'm just not using facebook anymore.  damn skipps!    

i'm sitting here watching Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam eating pho/busting a nut.  i wish i could eat a huge bowl of that pho.  it looks so unearthly w/ everything-in-the-kitchen-sink and all these beautiful vegetables and cow parts.  and that broth.  savory, sweet, sour, soosoogood i die.  i want to taste that rrreeal vietnam pho that a fat ugly lady w/ no teef cooked for 6 hours.  being in Perimeter, i go to dai loi.  it's vair vair delish.  i once went there by myself.  *PROUD OF MYSELF!*  anyways, so dai loi is supposedly sooperauthentic vietnamese pho (although i'm inclined to think that pretty much all pho places are run by folks who left the motherland w/ their recipes and special ingredients in tow, so it's all authentic).  however, once at dai loi, i could have sworn i saw a hispanic cook.  latino cooks ~ dood.  come on.  they are the universal cooks of the world.  at every Cheesecake Factory, brazillian churrascaria, sushi restaurant, hibachi joint, ITALIAN joint, it's a hispanic cook.  or the majority of cooks are hispanic.  i bet if you went to France and sat down at a posh lil brasserie, you could push the door back and enter the kitchen and all the cooks would be Mexican.  kinda like in Ratatouille when u enter the hustling, chaotic kitchen, it's all rats workin the line--churning out the sauces, the meats, the starches, the glorious gourmet.  so.  i hate cilantro in my pho, btw.  it overpowers everything.  i also feel sorry for bourdain at times, because i can see the childhood dorkiness and awkwardness that manifests itself on-screen in his over-culturedness/terrible dancing ability/crooked grin.  and i want to someday visit Vietnam.  it's drop-dead gorgeous and green, like a stalk of culantro.  or whatever that stinky leaf is that they bring out on top of your mung been sprouts.  

I recently got emails asking why we haven't updated in foreverandever.  i'm having a creativity/humor drought.  i even busted out my In Rainbows album by Radiohead.  Maybe i'm falling into one of my funks again.  i hate them.  remember?  i told you guys about those, right?  or maybe it's far more superficial.  like, i read laineygossip today and wondered why i can't write like that and i got all po-d to the point where i stared at my own blog and not-wrote in defiance of the fates for not gifting me w/ lainey's writing ability.  The guy who writes for is freaking hilarious also~hates him.  ugh.  here's to getting my creative spurt back!  in the meantime, i leave u w/ images of pho and me (both equally delish!! ??).
hugs, liz