Sunday, November 15, 2009


Brad Pitt- eat your heart out. This may be the prettiest man i have ever seen.
Bill Kaulitz, 20, frontman of the band Tokio Hotel. Allegedly not gay. Just very effeminate. Chyeah, I'll say. Frickin looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt. His whole presence conjures up the the film Velvet Goldmine... the whole androgynous 70s British glamrock scene. Honestly, though, didn't rockers have such explosive style back then? It was bombastic. Baroque. Positively chichi.
It was said that after the Beatles [Bee'-ulls] broke up, London city veered EGGSTREME! Teenagers radically adulterated the fashion culture to sire their own unique styles. It was reactionary. Gone was decor and orthodoxy. Gone were the barricades that once prohibited freedom from disintegrating into anarchy. The youth were no longer sexually coy -- contrarily, they emblazoned their sexuality on themselves, via fashion, music, and art for the public to behold. It was all about marijuana, cocaine, bisexuality, trisexualtiy, octopusexuality, and music 24/7. It was the revelry of the obscene, the new wave of Sodom and Gomorrah and heaven on earth. Everything was okay. Everything was open. David Bowie understood it. Lady Gaga is reviving it - and it is violently sexsay and unnerving.

"Let the children lose it
Let the children use it

Let the children boogie"

So tonight, after happening upon the photo of Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, i received my inspiration from the fashion gods for next year's Halloween (seeing as i missed out on this past Halloween's festivities and was unable to execute my Smurfette costume as planned.) I will be..... dun Dun DUNNN..... David Bowie as ZIGGY STARDUST! i can't wait. maybe Astrid can make me a costume! One year is plenty of time! Get to work, slave!

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