Monday, November 23, 2009

Atypical Saturday Night

Okay, my puppies. Saturday was another hockey game because Eric scored box seats from his distributor. So he and I along with my sister and Challs went to Phillips Arena to see the Thrashers play. Whose brilliant idea was it to pre-drink on the way down to the arena?!! like, literally. We took a brand new bottle of patron, shot glasses and cranberry chaser into the car and threw discretion to the wind as we flew down the highway, taking swigs while trying not to spill and drinking even through the toll booth: "Uhh, i think you should turn the lights off back there..."

Such a bad example of drinking and driving (literally) but the partying had already begun and there was no turning back! When we arrived at our parking deck, half the bottle was gone...meaning, it was already turning out to be a spectacular night!

The box belongs to a Georgia Crown distributor. We walk in, already smashed. No need for them to distribute nada to us. Challs was flirting with anything that moved. ..mostly large, older black women with really exquisite wigs--they love him. There was a lot of food and infinitely better, unlimited alcohol at my fingertips! DANGERZONE. For a brief moment, I stood there in front of bottles and bottles of top shelf liquor and smiled. It was the genuine happyhappy joyjoy smile. LAME!! I quickly grabbed the don julio and liquored everyone up even more...even Georgia Crown's other guests. I really do think i have a knack for getting people wasted. I probably watched about 1/4 of a period. I was way too busy schmoozing and boozing with the alcohol distributing elite of Atlanta.

We killed 1.5 bottles of don julio. Just imagine... 4 people inhaling THAT much tequila in that short time span. Shudder. And tequila makes Challs crazy. And historically, it makes Eric black out. Why does it seem like tequila is every man's weekness? it's my and my sister's favorite drink of all time (although lately, my sis has been getting smashed alone on vodka for shits and giggles, because she infused it with gogi berries from Korea bc it makes the alcohol sooo high in antioxidants and sooo healthy--excuses!) ANYWHOOS, after the game was over and we were proper toss'd, we went to Bistro because the night was still young. Drank some more there. Then it was off to Geisha House in Atlantic Station for Karleen's bday.

It was a lot of fun and we saw old familiar faces of ppl we love and took pictures and said Happy Bday and disappointingly, we we had to leave early because Challs has to promote at Primal Nightclub and we had to get there before midnight. As we were stumbling around the parking deck looking for our car, challs and my sister start getting all "sid and nancy" on me. I think eric was scared. HAHA. We continued to wander aimlessly around the parking deck... and then it dawned on us... WE TOTALLY LOST THE CAR! None of us could remember where we parked. We all deduced that we went up an elevator. Okay. There are like 4 or 5 elevators. So we ended up wandering around for 45 minutes. Effing fantastic. We finally gave up and walked back into Geisha House to find someone who knew where we had parked. Jacob came to our rescue and found the car for us. Gah, we are pathetic and Goodness, Jacob is a Dark Angel!

Primal. Around this time, I could barely stand. I was passed out in the car. But i had to do what everyone else wanted to do, so I was pretty much sleepwalking in Primal. How seks. Afterwards, we somehow managed to get home because of my sister who may have ZERO sense of direction and road common sense, but can at least drive in a straight line. Man, I wish Nars had been out with me. She always pieces the night together so eloquently and then ties it all up with a big red bow with my name on it! BAM! And that's how it all went down!

There was drama the next morning. But then again, it wouldn't be my life if there wasn't any drama, you know? That's how i think of things. You just learn to take the good with the bad. Besides, after such a spectacular saturday, i'll take whatever bullshit i need to.


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