Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the Fly Miscellaneosity

3 Biggest Pet Peeves of the Moment:

1. Know it Alls. What's wrong with these people? They think they're knowledgably infallible. I really believe that these are the weakest people, emotionally and mentally. It's like Hubris; a fatal flaw. Maybe their parents raised them as if they were little kings. Know it Alls lack common sense and courtesy, and what korean people call "noonchi" [n. tact]. This retardation of character in turn makes them come off as rude, arrogant, and pitiful to the everyday person. Whenever i come across a Know it All, i don't even fight back with rebuttals or corrections because there's just no use and it's a losing battle--even if i am 100% right and they are utterly mistaken. Know it Alls prove that you can, indeed, at once be smart as hell and absolutely obtuse. They make me so angry but i need to calm myself iago because then i'm letting these mutants win. (and they always have to win... it's like the driving force of their sad lives).

2. People who don't understand the rules of simple grammar. For ex: in the following sentence, "He went with my sister and me to the supermarket." -- correct.

"He went with my sister and I to the supermarket." -- INCORRECT, you IDIOTS.

3. People (particularly GIRLS) that drill other people shamelessly for gossip, info, and the 411 on the personal lives of others. Are you really that bored? And do you not feel embarrassed for yourselves when you do that? Even when one of my friends or somebody i know mentions that she/he is going to the movies, i don't even like asking "with who?" or "who all's going?" It feels cheap. Gossiping is a shameful act. I learned that the hard way in High School aka the Darkest Time of My LIFE aka my Blue Period. And i felt its wrath when my friggin face was plastered all over some crazy internet website and i got ten million texts the next day and suddenly everyone in ATL knew about it. It sucks. Now i do my best and restrict my own chatter to fun info exchange between my sister and me or someone i can truly trust with my life (like Bunnie, my BFF in Connecticut). And i will be the first to admit that this is something that is difficult to refrain from participating in... after all, who doesn't enjoy hearing something juicy on someone else--it's only human! My solution is concentrating on celeb gossip instead. (i am an expert on celeb gossip! keke)

End of Vent. Thank you for listening! I feel much better now. Anyhoos, these are 4 films i am interesting in enjoying at the theater. As you probably already know, i refuse to watch films that receive low scores on and i must first read the film's glowing reviews by 1. Peter Travers for Rollingstone and 2. James Berardinelli for They are my movie gurus and i trust them, always. I'm really OCD when it comes to going to the theater. I don't know why. And i always think my movie is definitely going to be sold out or packed for some reason.

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