Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blue Bloods...True Bloods

"And I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." -Daisy Buchanan

Once there was a girl who dreamt that her knight in shining armour would ride up on a white horse and take her to his castle in paradise. This dream was ingrained in her innermost being from the time she was a child but little did she know that there's fine print to what being swept away by prince charming entails.

I've always been infatuated with the lives of others. You could call me a voyeur. You could call me a spy. But I like to think of myself as a part-time anthropologist... studier of all things people. My latest discovery and obsession is the Korean Blue Bloods aka families of aristocratic decent--the uppercrust of society; those i like to call: The Glitterati. Now, I know that we're living in the 21 century and all, but you'd be naive to think royalty still doesn't exist.

After extensive research, I had come to the conclusion that it's almost always the women who tend to marry up in the world and men who are more prone to marrying down. I was absolutely, positively INCORRECT. I then discovered the world of the KBBs. This is what it's like: as children, KBB female spawn are like putty in the hands of their parents (primarily mothers) who mold them into the perfect "wife". Everything from posture, extra-curricular activities, ettiquete, body (they had better be thin or be dieting at puberty) and of course, education are predestined, clear and concluded. Thoroughbred horses. Old money tends to bring out the funny in people. As they get older, the KBB female spawn's job is to master the techniques required to land the perfect husband. From cooking, speaking, and even dressing like the part of a WASP. Oh and of course, she has to have an extensive ivy league education. That's always an obligatory imperative.

Think Madame de Tourvel from Dangerous Liaisons. From the day she was born, her parents put her on the trajectory of marrying into a distinguished, honorable, notable family. All this sounds gravy right? What your parents fail tell you, is that as a Stepford wife, the most important and imbedded prerequisite is the robotic ability to look the other way. Your husband will most likely have a mistress. He will have a plaything. He will have girlfriends. So I guess it all really comes down to the question of whether or not you're willing to marry a man that you know will most likely cheat.

No brainer? Well, think about it carefully. On one hand, you are the creme de la creme of society. You have power, position, wealth, and a respectable, maybe even an enviable husband. You have the opportunity and can provide the best of everything for your children and even your children's children. Every door, every window is wide open. You never have to worry about anything but what shoes to purchase next or what you'll tell the cook to make for dinner. The one thing you WON'T have is your husband's 100% attention, adoration and amore. At best you might have 75% of it, and that's being generous. So... is it worth it?

Wealth and status are important, but are they the most important things when it comes to finding a mate? You hear the word "gold-diggers" thrown around here all the time. My friend Alex says that in the world of gold-diggers, there are men who don't mind buying a purse here and there for a chick as long as she puts out. There's an understood ratio calculating the amount of stuff to the amount of sexual stimulation one partner receives... but i'll save that discussion for another day! My point is, how much does it cost to swallow your pride and allow the person that you've dedicated your life to, to not reciprocate?

My answer? Tempting, but no amount of wealth or power or status or free shoes can compel me to marry unless the man is all mine. My husband is one thing that I refuse to share with anyone. The idea of marriage scares me enough already, but when you toss in the monkeywrench of acceptable adultery, it's scarier--and even scarier still, thinking of what i'd tell my kids and how it would damage them. I don't want to raise broken children. I don't want to be a broken trophywife. I don't plan on marrying soon, but when I do, I will marry the man that I can be a wife to during the day, and a mistress to at night... the true blood kind of love that runs deeply and resonates through decades.


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