Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday I'm in love

OMYWOW. i never realized how delicious kettle is when mixed with some sort of juice. pomegranate or cranberry juice cocktail, preferably, with a touch of OJ. I'm at home with mimeisters after a long day of running errands. We had to wake up at 6am to make it to her hospital by 8am for her checkup and rebandaging. Afterwards, my mum and i went to Designer Consigner, this hole in the wall thrift store that sells vintage Fendi. (they moved locations, closer to our home off exit 11). I asked the shopkeeper if i could bring Mimeisters inside and she agreed (because Meems is so beautiful and sweet, duh!). My mum took forever to browse the racks so i went outside with Meems and let her stand for a bit. Meems can't walk around yet but loves to try out her sealegs and stand for seconds at a time, ARRR! She's like a toddler that's learning how to stay upright by holding onto things. Then we went to some office (not sure) to obtain Nicky's permanent visa paperwork and then to Trader Joe's to pick up grana padano and dill havarti cheese. Next, we went to Taco Bell to buy my grandparents hard tacos (their fave) for lunch and dropped it off at Thornhill. At my grandparents, Mimeisters dropped a huge deuce that "looked wet" according to my mum. She still does the spinning thing before she poops, even though it's hard for her. Next, we went to Target because my mum needed potting soil. (all of her fingers are green thumbs. for ex: she turned one scrawny aloe vera plant into 6 huge ones and last year's Christmas poinsettia into four GINORMOUS ones that are threatening to take over our greenroom. but for some reason, they're green not red. and monstrous. She is so talented with planets--she is the Plant Whisperer. After Target, we drove through Arby's because Mimiester "told my mum that she felt like a junior roast beef" according to my mum, of course. She inhaled the whole thing, bit by bit!

Now we're home and my mum is madly cleaning the house for company that's supposed to arrive in fifteen, Nicky's doing homework, and i've just knocked back my second kettle pom whilst typing this and watching Giada grate parmigiano reggiano over some penne with arugula pesto and kissing Meems on the head as she sleeps. Wonder when Astrid will return?? She's driving back from Augusta now, where she spent time with her close friend, Eric...she said she had a "freakin fantastic time" so she'll probably write all about it and insist we take a weekend trip to Augusta, etc. etc! =D

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