Friday, November 6, 2009

Augusta, Georgia

I had the most freakin fantastic time!!!

We need to take another weekend minivacay in Augusta, prontissimo!!!

So i arrived in Augusta around 7pm. Honest? the drive was a bitch. I can't even drive 20 min to Gwinnett (Atlanta's Ktown area) without getting severe road rage. But a promise is a promise! Plus, i missed my friend Eric! I pulled into his driveway and was greeted by a great big bear hug. Without missing a beat, we started the night by shooting some Kettle. Dinner? Nah, i can always nibble on something later. My M.O. is to save all my stomach space for booze, not food. After a quick chat we skiddaddled out the door to his bar Limelite Cafe. I played Keno for the first time and won $8! So far so good!! After downing some redbull vodkas and car bombs, the night started getting hazy and we retreated to the downtown bar scene.

Downtown Augusta reminds me of a cleaner version of Athens sans sorostitutes and fratboys. I felt right at home. We went to Metro Coffee House, drank, and then to The Loft, drank some more, and then back to Metro Coffee House. I have no idea why. All I remember was laughing hysterically, meeting lovely southern folk, and pounding shot after shot after shot. I think i was wobbling by the end of the night. But what else is new right? We got back to Eric's where I collapsed in a heaping pile of awesomeness--only to wake up with a jolt at around 5am frantically graspin around to remember where I was. Oh, i'm in Augusta. And then I went back to drooling all over maselfs. so sexy, i know. For lunch, we went to Rooster's Beak where i had the most delicious bulgogi and veggie tacos EVER! Bulgogi tacos? How creative!

It was totally gorge outside, and e took a walk around downtown Augusta. I HAD to see it during the day so I could store a permanent memory of it on my brainhardrive next to the "witty comebacks" folder (which is ever increasing, btw). We walked and talked for what seemed like hours, passing the bars, the vintage clothing boutiques, coffeeshops, and Riverwalk. we blew through topics lightning fast. This only happens when you're truly kindred spirits with someone. The last time I had a real conversation with Eric was ages ago. I've known him since my college wild-child days when i was outta control and on the fast track to Intervention, so it's kinda funny being witness to each other growing up! What's important to me in a friend is only two things: loyalty and trust. If you have these two, I'll be your clown and love you forever. (it also helps your cause if you're not ugly, also. i don't have any ugly friends.) Kidding, of course.... ???

Overall, I found myself smitten with Augusta, GA. It's a quaint escape from Atlanta with great food, genuine people, and an endless sea of booze....and that is always a-ok with me. Thanks Eric for being the greatest host--i had the best time! xoxo, Astrid

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