Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm Currently Living Vicariously

Thru my Sister who at the moment is panting descriptions at me from the Warwick Hotel where she is literally ensconced in SHOES!!!!!  oh gawd.  woe is me.  She got a pass to the invite only 2013 Manolo Blahnik sample sale!  She's so lucky dundundun she's a star but she cry cry cries in her lonely heart!  But i'm so lucky because she's sending me a pair of size 37 patent leather BB's in nude.  YAY I LOVE YOUUU PEAS!!!

Anyways, i'll update later when i get a picture of my shoes!


Friday, March 29, 2013

We're BAAAAACK (hopefully someone will notice...)

Jeez, it's been awhile.  I've been wanting to write here again for a fur long time and entertained the thought a billion times, but we all know procrastination is my biggest character flaw.  But I randomly searched a person on google who was in my 7th class and that led to his/her pinterest which led to my recognizing the name of another person in the same class who happened to be social media friends w/ the person i'd originally googled.  And when i clicked onto this other person's linkedn (i've sadly never had a career big enough to make a linkedn...i always considered it a facebook for the successful.  or the movers and shakers.  i don't even mover/shaker it on the dancefloor~ as i've probably already told you a million times before, i'm in the dark corner tables w/ my sister/challs/few friends/creeps/our bottles/waitwaswasitalkingabout?.....)  Oh, ok. So I clicked on this linkedn which led to clicking on a blog which led to being like what the hell, mine is so much cleaner looking and so much more nylonesque.  (i actually straight copied nylon's layout as far as my limited htmlskillz would allow--like up to the flash stuff).  And so i found myself here.

Oh, how i've missed you our beautiful blog!!!  i've missssed you and it's been so long that our pijures are outdated and i don't even do my bottom eyeliner like that anymore and i know how to highlight/contour my face like kim kardashian now!!!!  i've larnt so much, changed so much, grown up so much, blog!  BLAHHHHG IVE MISSED YOU!!!!

So during that blackout time between our last superficial post til today, we've:  moved to Manhattan (Peas, not me), gotten hitched! (me Liz), moved into my mom's sprawlingly oversized and outdated villa (we really call it that, no joke. it's like a suuuper old Spanish style villa complete with a functioning well system and everything--we are only missing cows.)  I think we've talked about the villa in older posts.  I really want my mom to get rid of it and for us to move closer in town.  I want to move to Buckhead but nobody in the family wants to move there but me.  If i lived in Buckhead, I could walk to work like my coworker does everyday.  And i could pretend to be a Buckhead Betty, complete with botox-frozen face and matching personality.  I already got the disgustingly wasteful spending down.  This is going to look really bad, but let me show you an example of some my purchases since December 19th.  ok, nevermind.  It's bad, really bad.  I can't.  Anyways, i need rehab for online shopping.  Because I work at the mall and am in a mall like 80% of my life (411--it's my new, upgraded fishbowl--instead of bulletproof glass we have glass doors, glass walls, glass ceilings, etc), I cannot stand going to the mall on my off days.  Particularly Lenox.  So I've developed this godawful obsession w/ buying everything i like on every website i like, reassuring myself that I deserve it, I deserve it.  Chyeah right, i don't deserve it!  And I feel horrible later.  And these godawful websites keep sending me emails and reminders and temptations!  Between this polite harassment, my classically-Piscean addictive nature and my moderate-to-severe ADD i don't stand a crackhead's chance in Promises.  But!  I am a good wife.  Everything is charged to my own debit.  Wanna know something funny?  I don't own any credit cards.  Well, i have a bunch with my name on 'em but I don't use them and my husband does to make me magically have good credit.  Like my very own ghostwriter.  Anyway, I am not allowed to touch them.  *sob.  Because everything i touch turns to zero or maxed out or woops i forgot to pay that bill, ahwell! whatevs!  (This is why my uncle once told my mom that i live in a make believe world.)  However, the downside to charging everything to my debit is that I literally work for my wardrobe.  Like, literally.  I will not hesitate to spend my entire paycheck on like, a clutch or a classic pair of shoes i really love.  I've always been like that.  Hey! at least i'm not a golddigger!  More like, i golddig myself into a big fat hole!

Look, the upside is that i will never be a labelwhore.  and i would never pair two labels together.  i'm sure most of y'all wouldn't either, right?  as in, i will carry my prada clutch with a free people romper and busted up snow boots.  i will wear my louboutins with my heathered off-the-shoulder sweatshirt dress.  god, i love juxtaposed clothes.  juxtaposed everything.  juxtaposed people, like right now i'm obsessed with Brandi from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  her face doesn't match her sailor mouth.  i am obsessed with her!  she is Lisa's gangster angel sent from God who has a brilliant sense of humor.  (i mean, look at how her life turned out... she is 2109123 times more famous than her no good, love-of-her-life former husband of who left her for Leann Rimes.  and Leann Rimes is a straight single-white-female who wants to carve Brandi's face off and wear her around town!  God has an awesome sense of humor.  

Anyways, I'm really really excited to begin writing again.  I feel sad when I don't have an outlet to share my thoughts and secrets.  Astrid and I love to journal and we've done it for so long and not doing it makes us feel unfulfilled.  :)  Next week I'm taking my mom on her first trip to Las Vegas to pay my sister a visit (her company transferred her to The Forum in Caesar's Palace while her store in NY is being renovated).  My mom is so adorably excited and she has NO idea what kind of shitstorm we are about to dive into.  As long as we can fill our days with sunbathing and shopping, (and no gambling) we should be fine.  Challs already gave her all this yongddon (playmonies) for Vegas and she's freaking giddy everyday wondering what it's going to be like and imagining all the fun stuff we're going to do.  My joy has always been and will forever be my mom's happiness.

Ok, well i'm supersick so i just popped some meds and a xany cos i felt anxiety creeping in.  (i get random panic attacks).  Must go to bed now and try to reandersoncuperate!

bbai ciao bon nuit!
Lizcifer, gangster angel.

ps.  when i'm sick i tend to watch a LOT of tv.  i saw Pride and Prejudice again.  And I fell in love w/ the 2005 version Darcy this time.  don't know his name.  and of course, who didn't love Colin Firth's Darcy?  swoon.  swoooooooon.  I shall be your Elizabeths.

Monday, October 31, 2011

HI my lovelypets! Here are my photocandies to share... with you.

This pretty much sums up the material things I love.
Shallow post, but total visual pleasure.