Saturday, June 19, 2010

There's a reason they call us Hotlanta. It's well over 100degrees by 11am and rising by late afternoon; after the sun goes down, steam rises from the black asphalt and red Georgia clay and condenses into the atmosphere, swirling cool breezes all over the place creating a weird chill; i have to throw a wrap on at night when i walk the dogs.  So basically, it's like English Patient weather.

  On my off days, I've been sunbathing by the swimming pool under the blazing sun. I did my front side yesterday and my backside today.  I can't lay out more than 1.5 hrs at a time despite taking frequent cooling dips into the pool because i start having mirages of palm trees and oil.  Now i'm toootally sun poisoned on both sides. (dizzy, nauseous, freezing cold, in sooo-oooo much pain from the burns).  but it's nothing.  the worst sun poisoning i ever had was after boating all day on Lake Lanier. i almost had to go to the emergency room because i was in so much pain despite pain killers.  I had no idea i was getting fried like a slab of bacon on a griddle because the breeze hits you and the water cools you and you feel so-oo comfortable. And you fall asleep on the deck and nobody warns you because one can't hear humans sizzling nor smell humans burning like one can bacon.

Anywhoos, lately i've been considering getting rid of my circle lenses and getting regular human ones.  Today at the pool, some girl asked me how old i was and when i answered 27, she looked stunned and admitted, "i've seen you walking the little pomeranian and i thought you were 19 or something."  (I kinda took it as a compliment and beamed at her.)  I think ppl assume i'm younger than 27 because of my circle lenses.  As you probably already know, circle lenses are iris enlarging contact lenses that make you appear doe-eyed and innocent-ish.  Like Bambi and Puss In Boots.  Since i've decided to break out of my Peter Pan Syndrome, i need to look adultier.  And that is the truthyness (Stephen Colbert, my hero).  So i am going to the eye doctor and getting regular lenses soon.  By the way, i lost my chicken cutlets / stickies.  That's why i never have cleavage or giant boobs because i can't find them.  DARN!  Oh well. 

*EDIT!* I got my hair done today and here it is!  I had majah roots growing in and i went to my sister's hairdresser who is the sweetest cutest girl in the world.  She got me coffee, crackers, and 5 magazines!  AND she didn't make me have a conversation with her while she was foiling away.  (i like closing my eyes and going to sleep).  The chemicals singed off a huge chunk of my hair and it looks like i got a major haircut.  But it's ok, because it singed it off in layers.

Ta Ta,
LizStarsnStripes (my aim handle from the 90s)

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