Friday, June 18, 2010


I lost my apartment key last weekend due to an insane bender. Aaaand so.  Instead of always watiting around for my roommate to magically appear whenever I feel like going home, I've been sleeping at Eunice and Renee's. This chick is soooo angelic and sweet, she's unreals.  Her cartoonieness reminds me of my sister, so of course I've always been drawn to her. Thanks to her, Tuesday night was the first time I've slept in a bed in AGES and let me tell ya...HEAVENLY!! I was greeted with a bottle of Champagne and huge hugs. All in all, Tuesday night began with the bubbly and ended with beer @ nrb and me stumbling home with my friends to their place in the wee hours of the morning.

I was a cocktail, a smorgasborg of wastedness the next day at work.  Everyone knows that working in apparel is a bitch = long hours, low pay, super competitive....etc. etc. but i do my best and work hard and stay after, too, just to show the boss i mean business.  That morning, I was trying so hard to be on my A game...UNTIL lunch...were I spent an hour puking in the bathroom. oh tres chic. 

Anyway, after my barf fest, i proceeded to remain a little bit drunk all day until after work, when the hangover kicked into full effect.  HOWEVERS, that didn't stop me from shimmying over to Katsuya to kill some time while waiting for Cindy and Renee to join me.  Thanks to my good friend from middle school (James), who, if you remember, i totally dipped out on while partying in NYC due to a severe anxiety attack (i'm still sorry, James), I got tickets to an MMA Fight.  Wicked Cool, btw!  The venue was overflowing with a sea of men...HAHA seamen...and a good majority were delicious too!! After oogling, our group proceeded to go to Lucky Strike.  NOT to bowl, but to shoot pool and drink cos that's what you're supposed to do...right?!?! 
The night ended at nrb..again. How come all roads end at nrb?!!

So u can probably already tell that it's been tough being a blue jean baby LA lady, gypsying it out with no permanent residence - just everything piled into the back of a 4runner...but when life gives you lemons... you grab a cute peeler and garnish your martini glass with a lemon peel.  right?

I’ve been walking through life backwards.  And although it’s been scary at times, not being able to see in front of me, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  People have always been telling me that I should tone everything down: makeup, hair, personality etc.  The comments I’ve been getting lately are all related to me not being able to find a mate due to current mindset/attitude/look. Sheesh.

But! I've found some single angelic gal pals here in the city of angelic ppls, so there's no need for a man at this point!  Besides, I think it's my mission in life to matchmake my friends... that's what makes me so happy.  

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