Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something i will never understand is why white people flop onto bed with their shoes on.  It grosses me out.  Their beds are so neatly made with 20 pillows of all different sizes and their disgusting converses are on.  i mean, it triggers my stomach flutter and the onset of a mini panic attack.  Do you know how filthy that is?  Think of the places those shoes have been... gas station restrooms, sewage water, dusty sidewalks, GUM, people's spit.  I feel sick. 

I guess i have weak nerves.  I also become faint and turn blue when i see a chef on Top Chef or Chopped slice their hands on the food processor blades or their knives.  That makes me totally sick.  I'd rather watch someone get shot.  I also cannot stomach any of the Saw movies or anything with gore.  Artsy gratuitous violence i can handle.  Reservoir Dogs, Inglourious Basterds, Kalifornia.  I Lovesthat.

Another random note:  i wear Keds everyday.  every single day.  it's like i dont own any other shoes.  heels are only for going out, i guess.  and my keds are sparkling white.  because i throw them in the washer.  after removing all the laces.  and i also wear pigtails everyday.  i am totally going through a midlife crisis where i think i'm 12.

Anywhos, Astrid is at an MMA fight in LA right now and is bbming me the deets.  Kewlbeans!  But what would i GIVE to go to a UFC fight.  i would love that!  What the hell is MMA?  Is that like the minor leagues of UFC? 

Random fb pic...
Ok gonna go now... you dont have to know why... i have stuffs to dooos.

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