Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

On Father's day, my brother wanted to treat my Uncle (and Grampa) to dinner somewhere that's not Golden Corral (my grandparents favorite) or Golden Buddha [Geum Buhl] in Decatur (the best Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, where we have been going since i was like 3).  So we went to Iron Age [Chulgi Shidae] which is this popular Korean pork belly restaurant.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that i don't touch pork belly, even with a chopstick, because it looks like something that came out of a lipo vacuum.  I don't even like galbi which is like the god of all Korean foods.  I find galbi too chewy and cartilagey to eat and pork belly -- dude, it's just huge slabs of unsmoked bacon.  How sick is that?  I dry heave just thinking about the fat to actual meat ratio per slab which is somewhere in the ballpark of 20:1/2.  Anyways, we drank soju and ate and were merry hobbitses.  Since Gayoung (my cousin) and i were sitting directly across from my grandparents, we had to turn and face the rest of the population in the restaurant to take our shots and we probably looked like rude little pigs, but my grandma doesn't mind cuz she's so used to us drinking by now, and my poor grandpa can hardly see.  After dinner, we went back to my grandparents' house and Gayoung busted out her hookah.  (Apparently, a smoke shop opened up next to Regal Medlock and you're not allowed to say "bong" or "bowl" inside or you're outta there!)  She set it up and we smoked mint flavored tobaccer.  I'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure that a hookah is basically a bong.  It was a lot of fun, i have to say.  I don't smoke cigarettes, so at first i was kinda worried that i'd cough and it'd hurt my lungs, but my uncle explained that there's no tar and probably no nicotine.... so it was kinda fun pretending like i was; i reverted back to smoking pretzel sticks in middle school, imitating the film noir heroines that wear fedoras w/ feathers and leave red lipstick marks on their skinny cigs.  We chatted lazily around the mosquito repellent candle and sipped beers and passed the hookah and my uncle revealed that he's never snorted anything before in his life.  lol!  we were like, "cocaine?" and he goes, "no, tobacco.... snuff."  So this whole time, i thought snuff was cocaine, but i guess it's not.  You learn something new everyday....

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