Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Saturday Night, and i Feel........oh, it's morning =(

Last night, was Saturday night.  i stayed in.  As usual.
I stay in often.  I'm going through a major antisocial period.  There were a number of parties and social events i could have attended, but my social anxiety did not permit.  Plus i didn't feel too good all around.

So anyways, to make a loooong story short, i took 3 alprazolams and washed it down with a thimble of whiskey.  I was watching Weeds and playing with Meems one minute, and the next minute it was morning and i woke up in a pool of drool on the mutherfreakin couch.  I retraced my steps ie. went through the garbage and discovered that i cooked 1 jjapaghetti (korean instant ja jang mien), made French Toast (can u imagine a blacked out chick beating eggs with a fork? i must have talent), Meems peed on the ground cuz my drug addled ass couldn't take her out, and my fake lashes were bent like gnarly little spiders.  I felt like a loser and worse... felt the hot, glaring intervention spotlight on me, Elizabeth Park.  Blacking out gives you a sinking feeling in the morning, like finding out you've made a terrible mistake or... that you've forgotten a totally crucial item that was on your grocery list and now you gotta go back.

Ok, so it's WAY worse.  But anyways, it was the first time i blacked out on pills.  I don't think i should do that again.  No wonder my mom wouldn't leave them with me!  so that was my Saturday night in a rapid release gelcap.  Who needs to spend a grip at the club when you can party at home..... alone.....

Now it's 10:45 pm on Sunday night and i just baked french fries and watched True Blood.  Does Sookie keep getting uglier and uglier?  Challs keeps saying "omg, she looks so much like ___" but i can't say who because ___ might read this blog.  But she really does (how unfortunate).  She is so annoying.  She's all yelpy and i want to slap her and tell her to chill out.  I'm going to hand the laptop over to Challs now so he can monitor the power rankings and scores (he bets on baseball....SHHH, totally illegal i hear) and he bets on UFC, football, and basically every sport you could possibly bet on.  Well, gotta go shower now.  buhbye.


*EDIT*  By the way, i've been getting phone calls from a Private Number, and i don't want to flatter myself by proclaiming that i have a stalker, but i DO hear heavy breathing on the other end and its hard for my pervy mind to NOT think it's some creeper jacking off.  See?  i've got a dirty mind.  But seriously, it's almost like a joke, the heavy inhaling and exhaling.  STOP it, you're being totally cliche.  

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