Thursday, December 31, 2009


Allo dahlings! It seems like my sister always writes the deep, heartfelt posts while i blather on about rubbish. But i'm not all baloney, i swears! I have sincere resolutions, also. For examp. I want to lose my jiggle and tighten up (i'm like a fat skinny girl). This takes a disciprin and i will have to force myself to go to the gym with Astrid and do pilates with a buncha fat people with gross unmanicured toes and who might slip a fart. I want to set aside money and save for once. And then splurge on the sold-out-everywhere red Lady Dior lambskin--NOT patent, i hate patent--cannage medium tote with the silver hardware. Every girl needs a perfect red bag.

Here's the goddess, Marion Cotillard with the top handle bag i need. Omygat, she is so beautiful. Did you read about Johnny Depp flirting with her like crazy on the set of Public Enemies? Can u blame him? des clous!

Another thing: stop wasting money at the nail salon. How ridick is it to get a manicure when i can do it exactly how they do it? First of all, never clip your nails. File them. Square. Secondly, before applying polish push your nailbeds as far down as you can. Maximize the color surface area. So freakin easy. Here are my nails that i did last night for today's NYE partay.

Pretty cute, no?
Otay, otay. I shall be serious for once. My resolutions are simple. Be a better daughter. Drive my mom and grandparents everywhere they want to go, whether it's Hmart or to the mountains. Be a better sister. A better Christian. Nix all curse words from my vocab. I have an extensive curse word vocab. Keep the drinking and drugging to a minimal. Seriously. I have petichiae (small purple dots caused by capillary bleeding) on my arms and hands from liver damage and low platelet count. I'm dying. Just kidding. I need to stop dangling from the edge, tho. I'm like one of those Jackass psychos who does stupid stuff with a dumb grin whilst waving furiously. Also, i know i need to become a better listener. I have a tendency of just talking and talking and talking and then i realize that the whole convo has been me talking, busting jokes, laughing, and making light while someone's sitting there expressing a real concern he/she has. Well enough of this douchebaggery, aye say! I need to shut up and LISTEN. Another thing: i suck at being sympathetic or making people feel better. Do i give them a hug? Do i pat them? Do i say "aw, it's ok, it's ok"? WHAT DO I DOOOOO? I get anxiety attacks just thinking about it. My sister is the best at consoling and comforting people. After Meems got attacked and i was totally broken down, she picked me up off tha flo, shook and ironed me out, and took me to the movies. She's got that brilliant gift. She's full of light. I'm like gifted special ED and full of darkness.

Anyhoos, i gotta licketysplit. Astrid and i are leaving for Sweet Tomato. (Bunnie and our fave restaurant evarrrr!!). Then i have to shower. then cook dindin (bbq chicken and potato salad) and then i have to do my hair and makeup and hop into my sparkly dress. and put on some sparkly earrings. and start drinking. and zoom to ClubLife. yippeeee!

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