Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My new...

galpals. :)

hat. :)
clutch, Alla willing. or Santa or Father Abraham. PLEASE!!!! ah NEEDS a black, plainjane, ladylike leather clutch to stuff all my NON-ladylike things into (camera to capture all the cuckoo moments, drug paraphernalia, $ aka all my benjamins George Washingtons, candy, powder, lipstick, pocketknife - to stab the bad guys).

hair color. JK! that's Astridalia anyways. she's poisonous.

shopping site: farfetch.com

coveted item: Givenchy black/gray fur coat. fur is SO wrong. this coat is so SO wrong. but i want to coat myself in this and run around like a baboon and make monkey mating noises all day. :(
movie to look forward to in theater: Sex and the City 2!

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