Wednesday, December 2, 2009


These days, i've been obsessed with shoes. But not just any ol' shoes. CHEAP SHOES. Cheap--yet SUPER KAWAII (that's cute, for you non-japanese!) ^^V

I think my sister has a more sophisticated taste in shoes and clothes than I have. I love cheap things. Of course like any gal, i luuuv the finer things in life, but there's something about snatching up cute bargain steals that gives me a mondo sugar rush. And plus, i can purchase in bulk!

Here are a few of my ladyloves.

Yes! COLOR! When it comes to shoes, for some reason i'm obsessed with color. If it's between black and neon green, it's neon green for me. Some might say it looks summery, but you can throw black stockings on and the shoes stand out like an outfit point even more. Shoes don't always have to match the outfit. I think it looks better when they dont. Wouldn't you agree? I dunno... something about the way the almond toe of a hot pink shoe pops from under your jeans. It's tres kitschy. Who doesn't love kitsch? No more black heels, my pretties! Go color all the way! And even better, go color PLUS platform!

Some bargain shoe shopping tips:
  1. Always read the heel height and the platform height. Hidden platform usually indicates 1" platform. (Heel height - platform height = true heel height). And just so you know, anything below 4" true heel height is trash. No good. 3.5" heel is ugly. Just saying. Follow this equation because 4" arches your feet to maximize leg length. It's an optical illusion: the more your feet arch onto your toes, the longer your legs appear.
  2. Please. No more gladiator anything. Gladiator is so puke now.
  3. Read the material. Patent tends to look cheap when it comes to bargain shoes, especially patent peeptoe pumps. Opt for faux suede instead. =D
  4. Chunky heels / platform heels > stiletto heels.
I think we've all seen the Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Armadillo Shoes by now. They are the most bizarro things i have ever seen. They're like a cross between an animal and Chinese foot binding. I can't wrap my mind around them... they sorta freak me out. Lady Gaga was the first celebrity to get her hands on them and you probably saw her sport them in the Bad Romance video. I know it's totally cliche to say this, but she's so fierce it kills me.

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