Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holidays

Ah~ the Christmas weekend. I felt extra special with air delivery presents this year. My sister? NADA! *ROFLOL* Let's start on the day before Christmas Eve. what do you call that? Christmas Eve Eve.

Christmas Eve Eve
. I met up Nars @ Intermezzo. I've never hung out with her NOT talked the night away. I'm talking about 5 hour talk binges. We practically go through the entire menu.

Nars: I was so stressed I haven't eaten anything all day!!

Peas: sayWHAAAT? Well at least you'll be in perfect mint condition for NYE!

Waitress: Are ya'll ready to order?

Nars: Yes, I would like a slice of strawberry cheesecake.


Nars: I starved all day, I THINK I DESERVE A PIECE OF CAKE!!!!

i love her.

Christmas Eve. I spent the evening at My Sister's House. It's a shelter for battered women and children. Nars came along to help. It was great! I think she got a lil scared during all the chaos. But really, what can you expect when you throw a mountain of presents in front a 100 lil kids? She was as graceful as ever.

Christmas Day. From the previous post, you can infer how retarded my sister and I like to get during the holidays. Add a couple bottles of wine and bourbon and that's a wrap folks! Christmas Day was family time. And we ended the night taking everyone to a movie. My adorable cousin Dianne (who's at Northwestern), my genius adopted brother Nicky, and man-of-the-house Sam decided to see Avatar in 3D while my sister and i opted for Up in the Air.

The day after Christmas, we went to Primal. We predrank in Perimeter, played a lil Call of Duty 2 (freakin awesome btw), hippityhopped into the car and sped away to our home away from home... the club. Yeah, so i decided to wear a wig. My logic: why not? I always play dress up. I mean, i don't get why EVERYONE else doesn't. Who says halloween has to be once a year?!?!

So, we flossed and got tossed. Boozed and schmoozed. Every time i felt like i was on the verge of puking, my sister'd pull out another twenty to buy two shots. One for me and one for you, cheers! Be
fore you knew it, we were stumbling into the bathroom laughing and hooting like hyenas, locking the door, and staging a ZEXYTIMES PHOTOSHOOT!!!! Note: when drunk, "look zexy" turns into omygat overboard.

Anyways, 2010 is just around the corner. I only pray it's as dreamy and spectacular as 2009. Maybe i need to stop traveling so much. Just kidding, that will never happen. I'll have to start a real resolutions list soon, tho! xx, Astrid

Here are the pix. Enjoy!

Can you tell i love leopard prints? I LUUV leopard printed everything.


In the closet. AAAAAND
in the bathroom!

Take two! I'm in the zone.

Take three. That is the infamous yellow clutch that has literally been clubbing around the world like that French gnome. it's Bunnie's favorite clutch. In NYC, we lost all our cash when this clutch was jacked! But the thief did not steal the clutch itself! AHAHAHA!

Who am i?

Chinadoll et moi. She is my FAVORITE, dontchaknow.

Do you see how people just approach me with alcohol? As if we're not already smashed.

The Kgirl squat will never get old.

Stumbling home.

In front of the townhouse, aaaaaaand SCENE.

G'day mate. Let's see what NYE brings. We are going to Club Life. Ooh, what to wear?


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