Sunday, December 27, 2009

stweam of unconsciousness

Gah, taylor swift is so talented. country music is underrated. country pop is my guilty pleasure.

Up in the Air was probably the best film i've seen this year. so socially relevant and touching. and funny. i never really liked george clooney (except in One Fine Day) but now i like him.

i just ate half a block of Philadelphia cream cheese with a butter knife. disgusting? or ZEXY...

i was drunk until 4pm today. not hungover, DRUNK! i hate that! the shakes started at around 6pm as the alcohol left my body. UGH!

sweetest and simultaneously creepiest lyrics: Yes, you want her / look at her you know you do / possible she wants you to there is one way to ask her / it don't take a word not a single word go on and kiss the girl

coolest name EVARR: surfjan stevens pronounced SOOF-yawn - even cooler is the fact that it's a Persian name that predates Islam and means "comes with a sword." wish my name meant COMES WITH A SWORD! i am Liz and i come with a sword! ROAR! ugh, so cool.

Astrid and i went to Primal last night. well, she went as Peadie Sedgwick in a wig. yep. she of big blonde hair decided she had to wear a wig. a friend was like, wow superfluous. she is a ball of superfluity. the pix are HIGHlarious. we had a photo op in the bathroom and it is retarded funny. 4 shots out the door and BAM 4 shots at the bar and i am toast!

will post real soon!

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