Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life Unexpected

I'm not finished loading the pix from NYE, so in the meantime, i'll share with you all this tidbit! It's been awhile since i looked forward to a TV show on basic cable. Normally it'd be like the next season of The Wire (my fave of all time) or Sopranos (2nd fave of all time). This time, i'm all giddy over a show on CW. The last time i was giddy over a show on CW was when it was the WB network and I fell in love with this little sci-fi romance called Roswell (probably the most underrated and overlooked tv show, like, evarrr) starring Jason Behr, Shiri Appleby, Brendan Fehr, and Katherine Heigl before she was a big movie star. And before that it was Dawson's Creek, which i only watched for Michelle Williams; before that it was this campy little soap opera that was set in our beautiful home state of Georgia, called Savannah. (They used to film scenes at our private school).

Shiri Appleby is back to the old WB network in a show called Life Unexpected. And i can already tell i'm going to be pulling for her and the lead male to get together. I bet the writers are going to make it all drawn out and angst-ridden and DELICIOUS.

Btw, last night i went to Primal and GOOD LORD IT WAS PACKED!!!! i believe that Primal on Saturday nights is the crunkest club in Atlanta. it was IN-SAYYYNE. I think we took a bazillion pictures with Greg, the owner. He was nice enough to let Bonbon shimmy behind the bar and serve us free liquor. I have pix of Bonbon behind a bar that is completely packed with girls dancing on top of it, Paris Hilton style. She looks ADORRRABLE (and of course, totally lost in translation)!!! lol... PIX of NYE and Last night at Primal to come soon! pwomise!

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