Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Michelle Williams in talks to star as Marilyn Monroe in Simon Curtis' My Week With Marilyn... filming is scheduled to begin in June." -Production Weekly

OMYGAAAAAAAT. i freakin love michelle williams and i've always said since Dawson's Creek that she reminds me of MM. which makes me a PSYCHIC, which i have always known!!! HO my gaaat, i really hope she takes the role and kills it and wins an Academy Award.

The UK Daily Mail says that
Michelle, one of the best screen thespians of her generation, was the only actress that Director Simon Curtis and producer David Parfitt met with, and the only one offered the part. but others considered were Amy Adams (what? no.) and ScarJo (annoying). Too bad Michelle Williams is destined to play Marilyn! she may always play the bookish, disheveled types and hasn't been in any glamorous roles to date, but that's what makes her perfect for Norma Jean Baker, right? plus she possesses the dainty facial features -- the pointed nose and the sleepy eyes that so stirringly reflect quiet sadness as in her performance in Brokeback Mountain. she could SO channel that beautiful fragility in playing Marilyn. her acting is not even acting, and you know she's method. everything she's gone through in her life makes me appreciate her craft even more. and whatever/whoever moves me, i appreciate and adore. I LOVE YOU MICHELLE WILLIAMS and your Vogue Oct issue rests atop my toilet throne forevermore.

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