Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

I wish you could see my boots; they match my hat. The last picture is proof of my angelic ways. Note how the cross does not burn me!! This is what my sister and I do during holidays. Drink wine, watch movies with the family, get lectured by the patriarch of our clan, our grandpa who shows favoritism to my sis! and take redickpics. Right now we're watching Inglouriouus Basterds, the perfect holiday flick, no? Ha HA HA, the JEW BEAR!!!

We stopped by Regal Starbucks and ohmigosh. The theater is packed today!!! I guess that's where everyone goes when everything is closed. Movies are the perfect way to escape, tho.

So it's still up in the air what to do for New Years. If we stay in Atlanta, it's definitely going to be Club Life. I have the perfect NYE outfit planned - my silver sequined xtra long bf blazer. We love to Studio 54 it up for grand parties. But who knows where we'll decide to jet off to... we go where the wind blows us.

Merry Christmas to our loved ones and the C.U.Bs, you know who you is.


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