Thursday, December 3, 2009


Like any gal, i collect nail polish. A girl's hands are a huge, huge focal point and as my mother likes to say, "you can tell a lot about a person by their fingernails." In other words if your nails are chipped or too long, you might need to be maintaining yourself a little better - perhaps not even just physically. If you have perfectly lacquered nails, you're probably very on top of things, a perfectionist, or just vain with a lot of time on your hands. Lol! For me, it's to the point where any time i walk into the grocery store, i have to pick up a new shade or a variation of a red or a pink or a funkyhue that i don't think i have. This sickness has resulted in 305293 shades of the same hot pink; not funny. Wasteful. Here are my favorites right now.

Maybelline's Pot of Gold - you can't it buy anymore because it's Limited Edition. (well, maybe online somewhere if you advance search). It's the greatest glitter nail polish i have ever owned, and i have tried every glitter shade out there. The unique aspect is the large sequins of gold that are scattered throughout the actual polish that is sprinkled with tiny glitter. The effect?--even one coat produces an amazingly dramatic effect--it's like wearing a sequined dress, but on your nails. Also, it results in a smooth finish. You know how most glitter nail polishes feel sandy or grainy on your nails? This one feels as smooth as topcoat even with the large sequins. I'm telling you, it's omazing. Below is one coat, i repeat, ONE COAT of Pot of Gold. I usually put on 2-3 coats so you can imagine how much crazier it comes out... i mean my hands wind up looking like disco balls. Awesomesauce!

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Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, Marquee Moon, and Red Ruby Slippers. They are sequined and glamorous. I LOVE SEQUINS in nail lacquers. How can you go back to a matte finish after being besequined?

And finally, i really like Zoya lacquers. Now, these don't have sequins... just regular glitter. However, the flirty bright hues is what i adore about them. These can pass for being sequinless. Below are Luna (silver ultra glitter), Nova (pink/fuschia ultra glitter), and Astra (pink ultra glitter).

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Check out this adorable yellow-green glittery shade! Fittingly, it's called "Sweet Pea" by Hard Candy and it's one of my sister's favorites. *rolling eyes* It's very unique-looking, no? Nails should always be attention-grabbing whether because of their perfectly-groomedness a la french tips or by color; clearly in this case it's the color!

And finally, here is my solutions for a NON-matte finish. This is especially for those times when you have a favorite shade that comes sans glitter/sequins and you want it to pop more. It's called top coat! These two are by Hard Candy as well. "Hot Pants" and "Sugar Daddy" shown over plain black nail polish. See how it enhances the color? I love that! Ahh, the little joys in life.

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