Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Report by Astrid!

Friday was Tony's Birthday @ Taco Mac. For some weird reason, my sis loooves Taco Mac "cos of their quesadillas!!!" but um... quesadillas taste the same everywhere, loser. Lately, I've been nerding it up and sporting my lenseless glasses and falling asleep on my tax textbook so I was looking forward to chitchattingitup with my friends and nontrainwreckingly sipping on a few cocktails. FAIL. My sister and I were under the impression that since it was like 12 laid-back dudes and 5 girls total, it was going to be one of those casual beer, barfood, and byebye type things. so naturally, we bypassed beer and started pounding the real shit. We always, ALWAYS start off any dindin with some variation of a hard liquor/soda combo; for me it's sugarfree redbull ketel or cranberry ketel and for my sister it's always either patron straight no-salt-no-lime or Jack and diet. Bonabelle aka Bonbon arrived to the huge spread of food and pitchers and like a good mini-me of my sis, she, too, bypassed nourishment and ordered Jack and diet and got right down to it. What a good girl.... she don't mess around.

However, after everybody finished grubbing on their Three-Mile-Island wings and nachos all-the-ways... it was Primehof anyone? Our entire party moved venues and Crown Special started pouring from the heavens. We saw Jen there. She was cute as a button, as usual. She's one of those non-high-maintenence girls that always looks pretty even without a single bit of makeup. Gah. I should punch her in the face!! Green with envy. *wink* Dsuh and Nars showed up and i plunkered down next to my girl at the bar and had a loverly convo w/ her and of course touched base on the next evening's plans! I ran into some more friends and really had a blast. Who knew i could have a blast @ Primehof? I normally despise that place. But it's all about the company you keep, and my company is always an epic ball. And when i'm having a ball, I tend to drink more. And when I drink more, I tend to talk more. And when I talk more, I tend to hug everyone as if they're my bff. And when I hug everyone, strangers included, I feel even MORE happy, and drink more. And the cycle continues. It's the circle of life that ends in death and glitter. I go from having a ball to dying. Epic zex a la Gaga!
Saturday: the day we'd all been waiting for!!! Nars' big bday bash. Drinks & dindin @ Restaurant Eugene. Chef Linton Hopkins was nominated for a James Beard Award last year and crowned one of Food&Wine Magazine's best new chefs. *shrug* what do i care. Not like i'm paying attention to the food when i'm out in a cocktail dress anyway. This place reminds me of a hotel joint. Contemporary and candlelit. Glass installations hanging from high ceilings. You know the drill.

You know those women who are like "i-am-a-meat-and-potatoes-kinda-gal" and take millions of pictures of their food when they're out? Well, i'm not one of those adorably relatable chicks. I like to drink at restaurants and food is just whimsical table decor that looks as avant garde as any place else. That's why you always order the same thing. For me, it's tuna whatever or caviar sans creme fraiche and aspic. that's the wack way i roll! but i swear, my sister's wild mushroom entree looked like potpourri pieces. But it was cute. That's all that matters. The After party was at Aurum Lounge. This place was gilded with gold: couches, paintings, and wall art. You've probably seen all the pix on my facebook. All in all it was a really lovely time.

On Sunday, my sister and i brunched @ Nori Nori and were surprised at how many young Koreans were there. This might sound really conceited and lame, but sometimes i catch people glancing and doing doubletakes at me like they've seen me someplace out and about or know me.... and i wonder, should i be recognizing them, too? Cuz normally i don't. I suck at faces and names; i'm terrible. Maybe it's just the not-so-common hair.... or how the makeup from the night before looks in sunday sunlight (prostitutey)... or i probably really do know them somehow and forgot... and look like a snob for not recognizing back and at least grinning. At any rate, that happened maybe 5 or 6 times throughout our 2 hr brunch and i leaned across the table to whisper my thoughts to my sister who snapped, "who do you think you are, Paris Hilton? It's cos you SMELL LIKE A WINO!!!" She said she could see a trail of alcohol smell following me "like the energy bubble thingy in that movie Donnie Darko." i dunno what the hell that means. I even googled energy bubble, Donnie Darko. Nada.

Afterwards we were basically useless and hungover until late in the afternoon and watched NatGeo's Taboo on Prostitution, movies on HBO, and dozed in and out of consciousness.

Well! That was our weekend in a nutshell! :) This weekend, we're off to

NYC again.

So that should be another fun pic-filled wkend update!



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