Friday, February 5, 2010


So we're way, wahayyy behind on posting, i know, but the past two weeks or so have been such a X-addled whirlwind! I want to recap New York, but we have so many pictures that must be sifted through first since many shan't see the light of day, lest they somehow get leaked and we have on our hands the requisite CoKate Moss shot from our wayward youth when we were too cool for school--which we are currently living out loud! Woohoo!

All joking aside, I have a bazillion pictures from NY. I swear we will post them soon! (discreetly). Thanks to the folks who partyEDhardy'd with us and led us astray to Chinatown -- run for cover!!! hahaha... and thanks to those who fed us liquor and sweets and the occasional tapa. This is kind of embarrassing, but i sort of died in Topshop. It's so bokjaphae (cuh ray zay) that my eyes suddenly got really bloodshot and i became re-drunk and dizzy. I haven't seen that many cropped tops in my life. How did they know that i am obsessed with cropped everything? The shorter the better, aye say!

Ok anyways, i have zee wirst headache. Last night we had a girls night out bash for Monica who is leaving our humble town of Atlanta for the even humbler setting of Bama. We drank AY LOT. and did a LOT of other stuffs. and i woke up totally stuffy and dizzy. I'll post pics from that night too. Alls i can say is... Atlanta girls know how to party proper. DiscoBalls out, sequins blazing. I'm... so proud. HAAA!

Pix to come.... just bee patient!
Au revoir my playboy bunnies and flashophiles.

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