Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today, I walked into my daily cafe joint this morning and was greeted by a plethora of smells; breakfast pastries, freshly ground hazelnut coffee, breads in the oven, and wait...what is that...omigah... Coolwater by Davidoff. Yes, the fragrance that everyone spritzed on at one time in their life. Immediately, I was taken back to that time in life where I wore my brother's and guy friends' clothes to school and was the ultimate tomboy. Shocking, i know. Excerpt from the 90's.

Boy: My mom says I can't play with you anymore.
Peas: Well, WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! Gosh! (This was way before the term "Gah" was coined.)
Boy: Because every time I hang out with you, i go home with bruises.
Peas: *rolls eyes*

This boy still runs in our everyone-knows-everyone current Korean-Atlanta society. PUHAHAHA~!

HAHA. thank you Coolwater for bringing back that oldschooltidbit. At least I'm not abusive anymore... physically that is. i grew out of that and graduated to abusing them in their hearts. kakakaka.


Last night i watched District 9 on Blu Ray and it was even better the second time. Today in Film class i told the class that District 9 is probably my favorite film this year. Everyone else said Avatar. Jeez. I didn't really like Avatar and when i said that aloud, i could literally feel the wtfs around me. BUT!!! My professor agreed! HA! HAAAAAAAAAAA! I can't stand cornyness and Avatar is FILLED with cornyness. Plus i hate Zoe Saldana. She overacts.

The end.

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