Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday was my mum's 62nd Birthday. She is old as balls, dude. I can't even believe how old she is. But she looks young and acts even younger, so it's all good. She says we keep her youthful. Whaaaat EVARRR ~ her crazyass New Zealand sheep placenta skincare cream aka botox in a bottle keep her youthful. So anyways, we grilled burgers for her dindin and topped it off with Johnny.

My burgers: ground beef or chuck, montreal steak rub, eggs, onions, garlic, worcestershire, A1, breadcrumbs. That's about it. My bros require 1lb burgers with cheese.

Anyways, that night I was up until 3:30 am watching How Green Was My Valley. It's the movie that beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture at the 1941 Oscars. When i was 8 or 9, my mom rented it from Video Galaxy and sat me down to watch it with her. Of course to any kid, black and white picture is a total turnoff, but being the curious/creepy child that i was, i was totally titillated by the romance between Mr. Griffin-played by Walter Pidgeon-and Angharad-played by the drop-dead gorgeous Maureen O'hara. I was like, "oooh, she's so beautiful... oooh, it's so romantic... oooh, when they kiss i get all tingly inside..." Today, it's one of my most beloved classic films. It's a freaking work of art. I think John Ford is one of the greatest American directors that ever lived; that's probably more fact than opinion.

Random Irrelevant Aside: Elizabeth Taylor was best friends with all the great actors of her generation. Plus, she was the ULTIMATE supremo creme de la creme of Fruit Flies. Seriously. Roddy Mcdowall, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, James Dean, etc. She's my hero!

So i woke up all tired and cranky this morning and of course it was pouring rain. When it rains, i have to wear a hat. One of my biggest pet peeves is when raindrops keep falling on my head, like that BJ Thomas song. Yeah, so i HAVE to wear a hat and tuck all my hair in because rain cannot touch my hair, and i look like a small orphan a la Oliver Twist. I hate the smell of rain and if my hair smells like rain, i die a little bit inside. Speaking of hair, i have an appointment tomorrow at 1 @ Northpoint Toni&Guy. Must not forget.

Friday night is Tony's bday at Taco Mac, Saturday is Nalee's bday dinner at Restaurant Eugene and then afterparty at Aurum Lounge in Midtown (Astrid picked the party spot), and Chris&Monica's farewell party at TBA. Sunday is another bday dinner for my mom with my'll probably be at Geum Boohl. My head is spinning right now...imma go take a nap.

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