Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is in honor of BeeMurph, who actually dun the Death by 30 mantra, thus creepifying our formerly funny little toast. Henceforth we lower the bar and up it to 40. (this might not make sense to the peasants ~ but it makes deep, poetic sense to the Death & Glitter squad). You know who you is.

The film is Love and Other Disasters. The critically bashed (yet somehow still my favorite) Brittany Murphy flick. She completely channels Holly Golightly in her role as a flighty, matchmaking, gayloving American expat Londoner who works for British Vogue. I think of the reasons i love this flick--the characters' wardrobes, lifestyle, and living arrangements-- the thing i'm drawn to most is the look and feel of their homes. Weird for me, because normally all my attention is focused on every minute detail of hair, makeup, and clothes. But after i saw this flick it was all about set decorations, colors, furniture props, fabrics, etc. --all because i adored certain aspects of BeeMurph's home so much that i couldn't stop pondering and guesstimating how this apartment set with all these dimensions must translate onto real life. The only sets and stages i've been on are those for Showtime's Dexter (remember that?!) and i was shocked at how cardboardy everything looks. I know all about how lens angles and lighting and zoom collaborate to produce a purty picture but MAN! The camera crew for Dexter does a crazy awesome job making nothing look like a prolific reality. (esp the garish yellow tropical themed living room - omyhideous - and it was nothing but a few green walls, a table, sofa set, and baby toys!). Actually, wow, my vintage romper looks pretty garish, as well. Hey, but isn't that Hollywood pic i snapped from the Sunset-Gower Studios quite pretty? So here's the movie set i'd like to live inside.

Love and Other Disasters

I want my kitchen/dining room to look exactly like this one where Brittany is perched atop the stool stark naked with the Jamie Oliver cookbook. i want indoor brick walls. so simultaneously chic and grungy. kind of like Courtney Love circa 1998, the whole "when i wake up / in my make up / it's too early for that dress / Wilted and faded somewhere in Hollywood" feel. I love that feel. I live that feel... most of the time.

I want those oversized bulb holiday lights and the vintage neon restroom signs, except i want one that says THE LOO. Funny, i have always had a keen lovin' for neon signs inside homes. It gives the living space such an industrial / modern / sodapop vintage feel that i'm absolutely bananas for. I remember when i first saw it in the Adam Sandler movie "Big Daddy" and i was like OMYGAT... LIVE NUDES... MUST HAVE... IN MY HOME... AND DANCE NEKKID IN FRONT OF IT... (for my dinner guests)

I think the loo should always be white. white ceramic or stone tile. white metallic glaze. white porcelain. that's the only way to ensure immaculateness. i abhor black marble granite; yeah, it looks nice with stainless steel kitchen appliances, but i'm one of those people who is obsessed with spots and germs and cleanliness (it's next to godliness). and i feel like black marble granite somehow never gets totally cleaned. and those black or red colored toilets they sometimes have at restaurants or korean bars? fuhgeddaboudit. they make me puke. how would you ever know if the toilet bowl is hospital-grade antiseptic or not if it isn't pearly white? omygaaaaat, i feel the tingling onset of an anxiety attack just thinking about it. SO disGUSTiiiing.

My Uncle runs a specialty color glass company. He is sole proprietor and patent holder of an exclusive color system called XGP that was formulated in Korea and that he brought over some years ago to America and it's what allows for the most exquisite and stunning colored glass you see in contemporary kitchen backsplashes, showers, walls, doors, etc. etc. Have you seen the Manhattan condos in Perimeter? All that glass is him; he does really beautiful work, right?! Well i would definitely want all my kitchen backsplashes to be some shade of unique color glass - i dunno, it'd have to fit the color scheme i've decided - and also for my shower stall to be color glass. Actually, you know what?! I just want everything to be glass. I want to live in a color glass earthquake hazard of a Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie human aquarium house. Like Shamu!

I like white bedrooms. I think wall color mostly just shrinks the size of a room. Interior design / decor, home staging, and styling is about improving a space's cosmetic aspects as well as amplifying square footage and maximizing functionality. Well, that's what i read once anyway. I think white lends a crisp quality to the bedroom, especially if you have textured walls like this bedroom. And you can always work from there; paintings, colored furniture and rugs, etc. I would keep it all white and black. like shamu. Because i'm anal and am obsessed with white. And i haven't yet reached Interior Enlightenment - the Ikea catalog creativity level. *shudders w/ awe* Although i have this hunch that they clutter up a room so bad that u can't help but think WOW, CREATIVE!!! They freakin OD the rooms with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves FILLED w/ books. who owns that many freakin hardback books? all mine are, like, softback and have this peculiar mark of the devil on it. ==> i have regressed scholastically.

Oh, and these are my nails today, btw. I'm bedridden and totally dying, so this is all i've done ALL DAY. nails, haribos, blog. USELESS! I had a frickin dinner to go to tonight and i had to raincheck. and i want to eat sauteed mushrooms SO BAD. GAH!!!

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