Monday, January 11, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that I am a morning person. If you want
me to sleep in past noon, there's only one remedy: a drugs sex alcohol cocktail on the rocks. If one of these ingredients are missing, i am up and about by 7am. My sister hates this about me, especially after my morning espresso fix... i literally bounce off the walls and she is the BIGGEST nighthawk and anti-sunrise. the evilness, what can ya say? The great thing about being up at the ass crack of dawn is the silence. Like a vampire, I crave the comfort of the darkness, but without the stillness of dawn, i'm drained. The sunrise and silence re-energize me. *FANGS SHOOT OUT*

So i'm at the nearest coffee shop on my macbook and i've been here for an hour and it's almost 9am.

Anyway, 2010. So excited. My Master Plan is in the works. Travel destinations are made. What shall I reinvent myself as this year, I wonder... Gypsy? Pirate? Waif? Dictator?!?!?! I guess we'll wait and see!

xx - Astrid

My Current Favorite Song on Fiendish Rotation:
"My Love" by The Bird and the Bee

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