Friday, January 8, 2010

I Wake Up This Morning...

And i have bronchitis. That burn-in-the-chest, cant-get-the-phlegm-out, pointless hacking cough that hurts your ribs. I rolled over in bed dramatically (pretending that i'm dying), and i peeked out the window to be greeted with this! I even ran all the way downstairs to see if it's real! Yep, it's the white girl. Everywurrs. As we speak, I am swallowed up in my XXL Tommy Hilfiger Tshirt drinking hot chocolate and blinking really hard because my eyes are practically swollen shut. But i must make a trek to Publix to get some juice, tussin, and scoobysnax or i might not make it.

So we finally got a Winter Wonderland! Well, not really but you gotta understand, in GEORGIA, if there's this much snow, there's talk of shutting down businesses early and school snow days and "omygaat drive slowly!" puhaha. Tonight? The initial plan was to sip a few cocktails at Midcity Cafe and go see Rose at Halo... but i can't go anywhere like this. (not this as in sick--i even went to annie chang's farewell party with a 103 fever and it ain't no thang--but this as in i'm looking like a San Fran heroin junkie). Rose bartends in Lindbergh Station @ Halo Lounge, MY FAVE! She's the hottest bartender there. GO SEE HER!!!

So anyways, tonight i think i shall gather the gals and have a pyjama party at the crib and drink some of the leftover patron we had from the other night or have some wine at La Madeleine before going to Perimeter Regal to see Leap Year. Don't really fancy Amy Adams, but she looks terrific in this flick. My wonderful sister Astrid just got off work and is coming to pick up my frail body *literally* to go somewhere to eat. Maybe Roasters because i love their creamed spinach. Or Canton Cooks because i hear theirs is the best authentic Chinese. Wait, what am i talking about, i don't want to eat Chinese. OH! i'm going to make her take me to Nori Nori because one of my adorable dongsaengs Hannah mentioned it on her FB and i've been curious about it ever since. (it's literally right down the road).

Ciao Ciao,

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