Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey sis!  remember this place?  I was bored so i just took some pictures of my surroundings.  And here are a few pix from Hanna's 27th bday. I've known her since i was like 17. She, Enoch and I were amigos from the getgos so i guess it's been...HOMYGAT 10 years.  ={ i've known my midget friend for a decade and she still looks about a decade years old and makes faces accordingly. The other two are of Pickron and me (yes, orthodontics pickron--who i've also known since i was a freshman in high school!!), and finally with Orlando (Halo Lounge).  It was a great night til i blacked out.  
The end!-Liz

Peas here adding my pacific standard time recap.  So I went to the Viceroy @ Santa Monica last night for Eunice Unnie’s Farewell Party. It had been a busy insane morning. Id boarded the first flight out of Vegas and was practically sleepwalking the entire way to LAX.  In my retatted scatterpeas state, I hopped onto a bus and ended up at Union Station. I was stranded there for 3 hours. So there I am, sitting on a bench fresh off a flight from Vegas wearing 5 inch platform heels, a black and cream print miniskirt, and a gray polka dot bra under a violet see-through blouse. In all honesty, I think I was too faded to be embarrassed. After persuading me for 10 min that it wouldn’t be wise to start walking in the direction of the freeway (i was fully prepared to do this with gusto) Dooks helped me find the number to a cab company. Nada. I had to wait another hour to get scooped up off the hot pavement. Ah… my ride in shining armor was wasted, too. Perfect. There we were sitting in his car, woozy. We decided to go to the Grove’s Farmers Market for sustenance: grits and an egg white omelet.

After the Grove, we went to a couple furniture boutiques to find the perfect couch. In 10 min… presto. I found it. I’m THAT good. *curtsy* Thank goodness for Melinda, Daniel’s interior decorator friend. Now, I really get to kick back my feet and RELAX. “Relax”. Man that word is so funny--as a noun it's music to my ears.... as a command, it pisses me off to the point of no return... *japanimation* peas the protag pours gasoline into eyes of the utterer of RELAX. then impales them with samurai sword like she would fork peas on her plate.

I went back to the loft to nap. I imagine the hands on the clock do the robot while i sleep, mocking me…and then it's suddenly 830PM. I have to get ready for Eunice Unnie’s Party at the Viceroy in Santa Monica. All my logic tells me that I should call it a night and stay in…but no… must drink! must socialize! I think i must've said "Cheers" 50thousand times in my lifetime. Talking, laughing and meeting new people is sometimes work. But i secretly delight in the thought of immersing myself with these interesting people. SO. I grabbed my nylon stockings, changed, reapplied my makeup, clasped on my heels, and headed out the door.

As I walked in, I slo-mo fell in love with the hotel decor--the white leather recliners everywhere and the Miami-esque feel of it all. I could live in hotels forever. Forget owning a piece of land. My family has always owned land. Seoul. Atlanta. Screw it! Why have that responsibility when you can pay someone to make your room twice a day... turn-down service and apple/chocolate door delivery? A minibar! Alcohol over acres, i say! Why walk around and look for lunch when there’s room service. My living room is a swanky lobby that’s always packed with attractive, fascinating people.

Anyway, I headed to the bar, got into the zone and began boozing and schmoozing. I should've known that after my first drink it was going to be another louisiana boozianna night. My kettle and redbull didn’t go down well and I had to force myself to swallow. Also, my drink was about 90% alcohol, 10% redbull... normally i'd toast to the bartender and wink, but this time i scowled into my clear drink. Again, all logic told me to slow my roll… but screw it, another drink!!! I looked down at my phone and it was 11:53PM. Holy… I’m knackered. I’d been standing there being social and making new friends and it hit me like a friggin greyhound…I could barely keep my eyes open and I felt faint. “Excuse me guys” and I made my way to the patio where I found a nice seat tucked into a corner where I could have a smoke to regain my composure. My phone rings. It’s my mum.

She kept me on the phone for what seemed like an eternity and I ended up falling asleep on her. SHIT. I woke up because an attendant was poking me, “um…are you aright?”

Today I went to work and was extra productive. I wrote pitches for 2 of our artists. 730PM rolled around and I couldn’t WAIT to jump right back into bed. “What are your plans tonight, Astrid?” I was asked while scampering out the door…my reply, “Catching up on about 2 weeks of missed sleep.”

Tomorrow, i'm going to look into vespas. I desperately need a means of transport.

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