Monday, April 19, 2010

 have u noticed all our music is not-so-mainstreamy girl artists?  and all our quotes are about women and by women, etc.  we're so girlpower flowerpower and we dunevenknowit.  i read today about some band being anti-experimental anti-new wave anti-anything-pompous and i was like THANK YOU.  i'm so sick of people trying to be different.  we're all the same!  it's like that stupid quote, "you're unique... just like everybody else."  that junk cracks me up!!!!    

NOPE!  i don't miss my sis just yet.  maybe it's cuz it hasn't sunk in yet?????  medunno.  she's having a gay'ol time anyways...

i added new songs to our mixpod.  Lisa Germano ~ eerie and ethereal... I added her "Reptile" off the soundtrack for the documentary Tarnation (produced by John Cameron Mitchell), some revisiting of Azure Ray who i liked in college, and Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drums is totally infectious, seriouslahhhh.  it reminds me of the way i feel after eating frozen yogurt which i LOVE... all bouncy.  frozen yogurt totally makes me sick, btw, since i'm severely lactose intolerant.  but c'mon, it's not like i stop drugging and boozing and partying cuz it's bad for me, so ceasing and desisting the eatery of frozyo is even pointlesser, even tho it'll later make me feel like my intestines are coming out of my stomach like that old guy who fought Spartacus.  pssh, ain't no thang.   

I can't find the track i heard in a shop somewhere in LA.... something my heart is set on autopilot... you are my lucky charm always keep me safe from harm... blah blah.  could the lyrics BEE any generic-er?

the day was spent rehashing future plans with me mum and now i must go downstairs and talk to my bro who just got home from work.  PEEECE!

PS.  i'll write more laters!

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