Monday, April 26, 2010

Funniest Freakin Post EVARRR!!!

I'm kind of obsessed with Santa Ina Garten in all her fatassed glory.  Her voice is something like soothing honey and angels' voices.  She's so sweet and awkward and talented.  I just love her!  She's such a typical neurotic Jew ~ on xanax... I can't even make fun of her or be disgusted when she tastes her food (as i have a propensity for getting grossed out by watching fat people eat--i find it morbid) because i love her so much and she's a holy cow.  I read this article on and nearly peed my pants laughing so hard.  

“GOOD” New Ina Garten Parody Videos Hit The Internet

Published on: February 26, 2010 – 9:58 am by Jillian Madison Comment

Ina Garten fans (and haters), rejoice! The Gawker elves have been hard at work scouring the Ina Garten archives, and just posted a 3-part video compilation satirizing the Barefoot Contessa herself.
ina-good-shitThe first video is all about the “GOOD” things in Ina’s life. Good vanilla. Good chocolate. Good olive oil. Sadly, there were no mentions of “good gays” or “good hydrangea arrangements.” I will say, however, that I came out of this video feeling awfully insecure about the herb-infused dipping oil I picked up for $7.99 at TJ Maxx last night. Could you imagine rolling up to Ina’s with a bottle of that shit? She’d throw you out of her barn faster than Rachael Ray could strap one of her awful, unsupportive bras.
The second video highlights Ina’s annoying habit of constantly asking rhetorical questions. “How bad can that be?” “How easy is that?” “Doesn’t this look fantastic?” And my personal favorite, “Does this oversized shirt make my butt look fat?”
The third video is all about Jeffrey, and clearly begs the question… are these two actually still having SEX? And why is the thought of them having sex so nauseating? (Come to think of it, the thought of ANY of the Food Network hosts having sex is nauseating. Giada and Todd… Rachael and John… Guy Fieri and his right hand…)

You can watch the 3-part ode to Ina over at Gawker (they disable video embedding so I can’t post them here). Just make sure you turn the volume up first.

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