Thursday, April 22, 2010


So after work yesterday (which included accumulating like every single indie music blog i could think of that we've checked out in the past - thanks unns), I got all fabbed out and attended the Streetfighter IV release party @ Trousdale.  It's super close to the Chateau Marmont and currently the hottest club in LA that caters mainly to the high and mighty of the entertainment industry.  It's open 3 nights a week and damn near impossible to get into unless you're well connected or a big enough star.  Thanks to my new job, I got to check it out.  It was tiny, as most exclusive clubs are.  Everyone is squished and you rub shoulders with actors, agents, musicians...etc.  Reminded me of Tenjune in NYC at its heyday.  LOVESIT!

When I got there, I almost stepped on Bai Ling and her flaming gay friend.  The doorman would not let them in, and i felt kind of sorry for her.  She did carry the most beautiful hot pink silk clutch though.  Walking in was completely surreal.  Sounds totally lame, i know, but it's true.  People turn and stare you down and you'd think it's rude but it's normal because this is Hollywood.  People stare.  They've gotta get a good look to see "who's that" "is she important" "do i know them from a movie or tv show" etc.  Thinking i'd have a panic attack (hey, you los angelenos may scoff at me, but i'm just a small town Southern gal!) I had to knock back a coupla drinks since i was accompanying my bosses and I couldn't stop fidgeting.  You know, I saw faces I'd seen in movies and in gossip websites.  Not everyone was rail thin like I'd imagined.  But everyone was impeccably dressed.  And NO, i didn't kick it with La Lohan or anything like that, LOL!  She had been there the night before getting totally wasted (the night before she missed her deposition due to 'having no ride to the courthouse.')  
I chatted it up with Adam Garcia for a bit -- he was in town for Coachella.  Initially, he kept eye f*(&a##ng me and following me around and finally just came up to me to chat.  Let me just say, Aussies are the shit.  I couldn't stop laughing.  He's shorter than I thought he'd be, but then again, I hear  most actors are kinda stocky.  

The funniest part of my night was going to the ladies room.  In between the sound of piss you hear loud, indiscreet snorting from every stall.  In atlanta, yay has been in demand of late.  Bathrooms are always packed with girls sharing baggies and lipgloss.  Here, chicks seem to have their own endless stash. And they snort away like there's no tomorrow.

We saw our artist Shifty perform.  He did a lil' Butterfly and something off his new album which should be released sometime in the summer.  Seriously peeps, you've got to check it out.  It's not bad at all.  I'm hoping for a comeback for him especially since he fell off the map for so long and left the biz...why?  I asked his investor and his reply was, "Mainly because he fell off the wagon REAL bad." whoops. maybe it was a bad idea for me to be trying to shove a drink in his face.  Bad Astrid. Bad.  "HAVE A DRINK WITH ME!  COME ON!"  "ahhh, it's okkkk, i think i'm gonna grab a redbull..."

Lesson 1:  Don't try to make celebs drink.... some of them may have gone to rehab and are trying their best to stay ON the wagon, unlike me who's never been on any kind of wagon ever, in my life.

Anyway, after playing a couple rounds of the new streetfighter game....OMAZING btw....we went to Mel's, an afterhours foodie joint with some new friends I met from London.  After nibbling, downing cup after cup of coffee, laughing and exchanging info, we parted ways and went back to the loft in starry downtown LA.

Or maybe there were no stars out last night... just in my eyes and head?  I felt like i was spinning.  Everything is euphoric to me.

I look down at my cell...damn i ate my battery again and it's 3am.

xx, Astrid


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