Saturday, April 24, 2010

I guess i'm just too sweet for rock'nRoll.

So this is love...
 Doo roo roo roo
So this
Is love...

PUHAHA!  Don't you love Disney?  anyhoos, Lizbot here! It's raining hard outside and it's half past 4 in the afternoon. Georgia weather matches my temperament --so fickle and flighty. =/ But i love this rain.  I love thunder.  I love storms.  Goes so well with tea.   blahrri blah blah.  After returning from the Wessside, i no longer have any desire to go out, drink, and socialize. (although i did go to TnG on Thurs for my friend's bday. and i did get so wasted i had to pull over at a gas station to regain single vision before gettin on the freeway. and the next morning i did have no clue where the hell i parked my car in our complex and wandered around like a bedheaded nomad in flipflops). I always get so worn out from traveling anywhere--i kind of hate traveling. I'm no jetsetter, as cool and posh as it sounds! I'm very NOT HIP and spectacular like a jetsetter either. i'm just normal Liz. I don't plagiarize. I'm too sweet for rock'nRoll.  I'm just me. =) *raising roof*   *churning butter*

BTW, ever wonder why people choose to be snarky over sweet? I guess hospitality and good manners is a Southern thing...?? NO, because i've met SUPER nice yanks many a time. I guess it's just a hubris type thing, then. Humility is sexy, is it not? I choose to be humble and thankful, always--that's what mom taught us, and i am my mother's daughter. and plus i have this weird belief in karma...

Anyways, i just spent all this time updating my ipod and deleted everything off of it to start. I love starting new like that. I even got rid of my OST playlist. Don't you love original film scores? I end up downloading not so much titles as scenes; ie. Rachel Portman - "Sam and Maggie Make Love" from the Addicted to Love OST. I love the music from Forrest Gump and The King and I and Gone With the Wind and West Side Story. i'm not talking about the songs and artists featured on the movie soundtrack-i'm talking about the full orchestral stuff and the memorable melodies that make you relive actual scenes in the movie. and i might not have even liked the movie itself (Pearl Harbor) but somehow, the original score will still gives me the chills!! IS THAT GAY?!?!??!?!!!

But i mean--not to knock recording artists on soundtracks. Good Will Hunting features Elliot Smith who totally paints the quiet, day-in-day-out lives of Southie roughnecks with an eery clarity and resonance. I'm listening to that as we speak. It totally matches my pensive moustache twirling mood and this London-y drizzle. fo shizzle.

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