Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woodfire Grill

I'll give you the quick rundown of what we had. Everything was everything you'd imagine Padma Lakshmi to put into her mouth and moan over. Seriously. But warning. Everything is teeeeny like tapas. Zoolander would totally slam the plate down and implore, "IS THIS A MEAL... FOR ANTS??!!!" A meal a fat person or a regular joe would be pissed over--inotherwords i'd love--i had a lovely time. Not pictured: 4 glasses of their house cabernet sauvignon and the roasted local baby root vegetables with fresh dill and lemon.

wild steelhead tartare. sambal aioli. red onion. celery. russet potato chips. micro shiso. (that's not my hand, that's Annie's. this was the highlight of my entire meal. i have a severe aversion to raw fish, so my loving this is a testament to how omazing it is. the sturgeon caviar pops in your mouth like the flesh of grapefruit. i dieeeeee.
vday 005

pan seared diver scallop. roasted hedgehog mushrooms. baby vidalia soubise. micro buckwheat.
vday 006

pan roasted wild sturgeon. foraged mushroom ragout. roasted trumpet royale mushrooms. beurre rouge.
vday 009

wood grilled local bobwhite quail. roasted turnips and brussel sprouts. local turnip and bosc pear puree. bacon gastrique. bacon brittle.
vday 011

wood grilled painted hills beef strip loin. smoky collards. sweet potato puree and hash. sherry reduction.
vday 010

Cheese Course.
Lambchopper. candied dates w/ toasted almonds. (I'm going to go buy this cheese. It's from some small farm in Mendocino, California called Cypress Grove. It tastes like the sharpest cheddar i've ever had and my mother and Astrid would go gaga over it.)
vday 016

(i'm not really into desserts. but i must say everything was ridiculously moist and fluffy, even the cheesecake. i hate dense Cheesecake factory cheesecake, it makes me sick and gassy, truth be told. who eats that? it weighs like 2lbs and ingested, magically makes u gain 10. it's as off-putting as the 52oz soft drink @ QT. is it a soft drink cup or a 2-LITER BOTTLE????!!!!!
maple mascarpone cheesecake. cranberry orange chutney. walnut shortbread. maple reduction. cranberry puree. (good, non-morbidly-obese portion size, bravo.)
vday 014

honey roasted pear. carrot cake. golden raisin verjus. honey cream cheese. candied carrot.
vday 013

cocoa nib doughnuts. passion fruit caramel. coconut ice cream. cocoa nib streusel. passion glass.
vday 002

Well, there you have it! (I feel funny posting pictures of food.... so lame, right? that's why the pix are all blurry, because i refuse to use flash inside a sip-wine restaurant. it's annoying.)

vday 003

ta daaaaaaaa!

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