Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love Girls, Girls, Girls - Girls I Do Adore

OK! Attn class! i'm here i'm here! *furious waving* Astrid is out and about somewhere running errands and i am finally alone to collect my thoughts whilst sipping hot chocolate and listening to Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade - "I Remember". Man, i love this song. You know how certain songs conjure memories of a particular city? This track embodies Miami. Total de ja vu. It's on our playlist: peep it.

GNO / Mon's farewell was funtimes. I like girls. Hanging out with girls is a lot more fun than hanging out with guys. There's this adrenaline-soaked energy and dangerous excitement i feel when i'm around females. It's like a nervous tension; heightened senses, heightened everything. Maybe its the hardwired animal instinct in us b/c we're each others' competition for the male lion or samssing. And maybe that's why girls never roll more than 4 deep, normally. And close-close girlfriends wise, we never have more than 2 or 3 truly good girlfriends. And because those 2 or 3 truly good girlfriends are so effing hard to come by and so special, they become more like family. like sisters. Which is why if we are close girlfriends, we never mate with the same male lion. EVAR. that's just gross.

Not too many things make me nervous. (minus the prospect of the microwave blowing up in my face while i'm peering inside to observe my popcorn popping... or the Pillsbury crescent roll exploding and unleashing shrapnel into my face... or a car rear ending me while i'm least expecting it and plastering my face onto the steering wheel.) Not to freak you out, but these are almost regular daily fears of mine. I use the microwave to make tea or hot chocolate each evening before bed and i know how irrational it is to be afraid to stand near a working nuke, yet i still can't control it. Press time and DASH! it's like a nuclear warhead bout to go off! *cue any scene from The Hurt Locker* Anyways, what the hell was i talking about? Chika chika Reee-wiiii-eend! Not too many things make me nervous. However, girls in large groups make me nervous. Perhaps it's the years of being the outsider, the ostracized ostrich, the lord of the dorks. I was very intimidated going to Nars' big bday bash and likewise for Mon's shindig. I took a xanybar for one and predrank with a quickness for the other. Lols. But you know what? I had such a fabulous time. I want more Girls Nights Out, please!

New York was fun but it doesn't seem like there are too many girls in New York. Particularly Asian females. Or maybe there are, but they're all inside Parsons like little fashion designer keebler elves. There seems to be a vast disparity within the male/female population in the Big Apple. And everyone's Jewish, huh? Every day is a big kosher hotdog pah tee in the city! OW! OWOWWWooooo *howling at moon*

In other news, here are a few pix from our weekend getaway. It was just me, Bonks, and Lindsay Lohan.




btw!!! has anyone ever seen a marmoset? Challs told me to google it and said he wants one to take to the club with him. "i want to name it Bonnie." wow, they're heartbreakingly cute!

marmosetzookeeper fingers

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