Saturday, February 20, 2010

Currently playing the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album by Phoenix!

So on Thursday night, Nars and i went to Intermezzo and it was one of those wanna-get-buzzed-but-can't sorta nights so i ended up drinking like 4 Ketel Redbulls in the span of like ten minutes and a whole slew of shots. And of course, Nars joined in and got drunk with me! Cuz that's what friends are for. I decided to feed before she left just in case, so i frantically drunk dialed my sister at 2am to cook us food. She groggily hung up on me. Then i proceeded to call my guy friends to see if they wanted to eat (aka buy me food) but they were sloshed on the other side of town. Losers. Who hangs out in the Northside anyway? CHHH~!

Since we're both trying to diet, we opted for IHOP instead of Waffle House. On Friday my sis and i went to see if Sonia Rykiel was released at H&M but it's actually today that it comes out. Afterwards, we drove through traffic to get pho. We were stuck in rush hour traffic. Did you know that Atlanta is #3 in worst commutes in the United States? We beat L.A. Yep. We also have zebras on our highways. Afterwards we went back to Perimeter and watched Breakfast at Tiffanys and searched for YSL clutches. They tend to be more simple and chic and less obvious and that's why i like them. I dislike status bags. Except birkins. I would love a birkin. But it'd have to be special, like crocodile. PETA EAT YOUR HEART OUT! I and my entire stratosphere of friends HATE PETA. Frickin get a less annoying hobby! I wish i had a bag named after me. hmm.... *daydream bubbles*

Anyways, so we watched Breakfast at Tiffanys for the thousandth time and i mean, can she be anymore anorexic? it's so beautiful. I decided that my default cup for drinking any beverage alcoholic or non, shall henceforth be a crystal martini glass. I will buy my starbucks and pour it into my default cup and drink my hazelnut americano in a martini glass.

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