Thursday, February 11, 2010

From the Libeary

My first class was cancelled today. Do you know how bbeejed [pouty] i get when i

force myself up early in the morning when its freezing cold outside and i'm all warm under the goose down comforter

throw on layers upon layers of clothes and wrap a scarf around 'n around my neck til my head looks like frozen yogurt

rush to the neighborhood Starbucks and wait in line while i check my watch and pray they don't screw up my coffee (this is stressful for me... i've learned to correct w/out caring)

make it all the way downtown w/out dying (i got lost today because i was texting ppl, bbming ppl, and talking to Bunnie simultaneously... and had to drop the phone on B at one point because i saw a PO leece)

find parking in the spiral deck that goes up and up and up and around around around (like a frozen yogurt) and ends up being FILLED anyway so i end up parking on the roof on the 7th floor (like the cherry on top!)

do a Run Lola Run to my class that's down the street (mad jaywalking time) /in the building (push through large ppl) /on the 3rd floor (no elevators! gotta work out my thighs when i can)....

only to arrive to my class that is locked, lights-off, empty, and SO CANCELLED! i didn't know what to do. I kind of lingered a bit... had a big :-0 on my face and shuffled on over to the libeary from where i am reporting to you on this lovely, icy cold day.

This is a regular day for lotsa peeps... but class cancellation sans warning is such a professor faux pas! GAH! :(

Anyhoos, after classes i'm meeting Bonkey, Astrid, and Bunnie at Perimeter to do some shopping, eat Yoforia my favoritestestest frozen yogurt in the world!, and engage in some long-awaited girltalk. (They have two new flavors, btw. Cookies'ncream and pineapple. Pineapple is DEE VINE.) Astrid & I decided we need to get a special someone some new adidas tortoise shells. is that what they're called? i dunno much about tennis shoes seeing as i don't own any. Friday i have to drop Astrid off at the airport and run a bunch of errands at North Fulton Hospital, and on Saturday night I'm getting together with a whole bunch of bitchez for a big movie date to see Valentines Day and then we're all going to Q100s Bitterball at Primal.

BTW, Woodfire Grill was delish. Kevin Gillespie, the pork king and bearded runner up from Top Chef Vegas is the Exec Chef there. They close at 10 but we left at half past 11. We are the worst patrons evarrr!! Oops. Such a faux peas, right? I'll post pix of dindin later tonight. ;) Off to class! Ciao!

[EDIT]: McQueen is dead. Long live McQueen.

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