Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SOOOooo. I'm off to Los Angeles on a redeye tomorrow morning and i haven't even packed, but it should be easy enough. A couple spockly dresses. Some glitter. a feather boa? Just kidding, that's that Vegas/Miami package.  I picked my brother up from the Marta station a couple hours ago (he just flew in from LA) and he looked so golden and handsome and was just beaming - my mom and i huzzah'd "hail the conquering hero!" 'cos he drove across the country from Atlanta to Los Angeles to deliver my sister's car.  He was adamant on making the trip alone so he could pass all the major US cities and make pitstops at drawn-out iconic points... and just see our country.  Memphis, Oklahoma City, Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and make the 6hr hike, etc. etc. Through the Great American Plain, Midwest, the Southwest, the Deserts...how Hemingway of him.  Ask him about his funny story from the Grand Canyon - some cartoony squirrel jumped on his leg as he was resting on a rock eating beef jerky so he gave the crazy squirrel a piece and it just sat there on his leg, holding the jerky in its hands and gnawing.... staring up at him in adoration.  PUHAHA!  Here's the pic my brother sent me as proof.  How bizarre how bizzare! (like the song).  i would've reached out and touched it (like the song).

Here's me and Kells ~ she's ggamjjik as a danchoo (cute as a freeeeaking button) and i adore her! This was at Doraemi last week or something...

Ok, so today's topic of discussion before i'm sidelined with indefinite laptop access (total injury for a pro blog player like me) because macbooks are my handicap and my sister has a macbook and ain't no way i'm taking my dell over there (too big and heavy).... blah blah anyways lakasaid... today's topic of discussion is hipster boys.  They are always suuuper skinny and pasty with thick, dark eyebrows like Jason Schwartzman (who i do actually love, esp in the movie Funny People) and Spock from StarTrek.  For some reason i cringe when i see hipsters who are older than 25 with their stupid t-shirts and skinny jeans.  like Pete Wentz... who is a hipster gremlin or something.  I'm not trying to be mean, but it's like seeing those older dudes who have one pierced ear with a silver hoop in it.  like Iron Chef host, Kevin Brauch.

we've all been through our hipsterrible phases so i can't hate.  it just looks goofy now, that's all.  it looks like the tackiest parts of shibuya mashed with the cool stuff jacked from rock'n roll and you can't just pick'n pan and take the cool stuff from rock'n roll cuz it renders it all uncool when you combine it with something else.  do you kinda get my gist?  oh, and btw, hipster and indie are totally different.  hipster is like omygad please recognize that i'm indie.  indie is omygad please recognize that i'm good and sign me, cuz i am broke and homeless and golden.  i dunno ~ im basically rambling because i drank soooo much coffee and cranberry juice and peeing like a muther and im just writing anything that zaps into my head.  penis. Penis. PENISSSS!  OH! BTW!  Jamal Lewis came into my store about 20 mins ago to buy a $2400 money order.  he probably weighs like 300lbs or something.  ps. i wish i was @ Comic-Con right now. =(

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