Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Indecent Proposal

So i have this rather glamorous dilemma.  Just kidding, it's not, really.  

I've been commissioned by a certain well-known talent manager (whom i cannot name for legal and personal reasons) to do a particular job that entails using all my conversational and drinking and entertaining skeez all rolled up together in a sequined, feathery-lashed package.  One evening of business + pleasure in - where else - VEGAS, duh. 

The target?  A lucrative video game honcho.  The mission?  SIGN HIM.  The payoff?  Cash....

A lot.

This may sound dorky as hell, but i feel like a spy or secret agent.  I wasn't born yesterday, so i can see how this job borders on sordid, but do not underestimate my ability to remain on the honorable side of things.  Straddling the line is near impossible, but it is still possible.  And my mama didn't raise no fool~ I know things can get out of hand pretty quickly but it's up to me to totally nix that as a valid option.

Cross your fingers and toes and eyes for me, dear readers!

Our new playlist is Eels: "The Look You Give That Guy" and "Spectacular Girl" and the rest all Pinback. they are "devastatingly awesome" as my sister says, because they create a tone and atmosphere and then you get lost inside it, "like you're in a movie."  The tracks are:  Fortress, How We Breathe, Good to Sea, Boo, Tres, and of course Loro (one of our old classic favorites). 

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