Friday, October 9, 2009

Sleepful in Atlanta

So while my sister is off in the City that Never Sleeps with Nars having wild times and shopping their hearts out, i'm in Atl taking care of my dogs and cooking dinners for my brothers. and sleeping all the time. :(

My mom is in Korea having a blast and she called me yesterday saying she's probably heading to Jeju Island or Pusan in a few days for a mini vacay with her friend. I can imagine what she's doing now. Maybe eating caviar at the President Hotel. I love lunch at the President Hotel in Euljiro Il ga. My sister, mother, and i would leave my uncle's house in Hongdae early together, part ways, and rendezvous later at that hotel to sip hot tea and eat spoonfuls of caviar and tiny tea cakes that look like they should say EAT ME on them, alice in wonderland style. This is probably the first time my sister and i have missed our annual mother daughter Korea trip. It's weird. I miss Seoul now that i think about it. Maybe i should have just hopped on the plane with my mom. If i begged her, i bet she would have let me get a nose job or something. She's very liberal like that. You know, something i noticed is that most Korean moms are very liberal when it comes to plastic surgery for their daughters. They're always like SURE! GET DOUBLE EYELID SURGERY! YOU NEED IT! have u noticed that? Or maybe it's just my mom and aunts? well, i think it's gay when people are like "OMG, why would you want to get surgery, it's so bad. it's so gross. so unnatural. omg." yeah, you only say that cuz you uglay!

Anyways, tom, my sister and Nars have a wedding to attend. Se7en's manager is getting hitched in Manhattan. Astrid literally packed 4 or 5 dresses and 3 different pairs of shoes for that friggin wedding even though i told her, "you're probably going to end up buying something up there, anyway!"

Well, i have to go now. Tootleloo.

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