Tuesday, October 6, 2009

They All Went to Heaven in a Lil Rowboat....

what we saw looking out our plane window. heaven! and miami intl.

then Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas and finally the lush tropical greenery of the DR.

We got back from the Dominican Republic and it was a LOT to handle. We are still suffering from Vacation Hangover and are supposed to go to NYC in 2 days. Dilemma. It's like one of those weird things...you're so excited while you're there, thinking WOW this is gonna go on our blog! Wow, we have to talk about that... and then... KABLAM! you get back to the real world, and you don't want to share. anything. it's just overload.

Things to Know about the Caribbean islands in general.

1. Don't drink the pina coladas. they'll make you gain like five pounds - HELLO! coconut milk!

2. You'll always need antibacterial wipes.

3. Don't ever take your camera to the beach. It will be destroyed. We buried our camera after ONE FRIGGIN DAY. hence, the lack of pictures and outfit changes. *sob*

4. At most resorts, it's about 85% eurotrash. Everybody is topless. We felt so liberated sunbathing in the nude. *NOTE: there are pictures! but those are on our crappy overpriced disposable camera which will be scanned later!

5. Apparently, you can get arrested for asking around to score at certain resorts. Only ask the young troublemaker looking busboys/servers/bartenders. ;) And that's all i have to say about that.

6. Tipping goes a long way. Seriously. don't bring any bills larger than a 5.

7. I don't care if you're a strictly heels person, BRING A PAIR OF FLATS. it means a lot coming from me, because
ugh, i hate thong sandals. As the great Blair says, "Sandals are NOT shoes!" But you gotta make an exception here, trust!

1. The look on Charlie's face when a big-breasted Eurotrash woman comes up to him and says, "Hey, that's MY seat!" (uhh... *not looking at bewbs* uhh.. *not looking at bewbs* okay... *hobbling away*)

2. Challs making the disgusting comment, "HOLY SH** LOOK AT HER TITS, SHES SMOKIN!" and my sister turning to see that he's pointing to.... a topless 7-yr-old girl. HAHA!!! Such a goofball, that challs.

3. Eric leaving the perfect sun and beach to run back inside to check the football score. All the way in Punta Cana, football still takes immediate priority in life. lol.

4. Getting smashed at the beach on El Presidentes and tipsy in the pool on screwdrivers.

5. Being somewhere that beautiful with people who are like family.

All the Pix from DAY ONE ===> HERE

Annnnnnd..... THANK YOU LONDON!!!!

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