Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a brilliant day in Perimeter! Astrid and I are hard at work watching Ramen Girl on dvd and burning a mixtape for our friend. Such hard work, whew! Today i have to do laundry, return dvds, make a grocery list, go to the post office, and go to the bookstore.

To be cont'd.

3:35pm. Astrid and i are still making our brazilliant mixtape tentatively titled, "Tunes of the Raccoons." It is, duh, a masterpiece. Eat your heart DJ blahblahblah. We're the new brats in town.

Text messages.

Liz: I'm gonna shower, get dressed, and leave the house soon.

Challs: Where you think ure going u lil booger.

Liz: Gotta return the dvds and go buy a Chanel bag with your credit card.

Challs: Haha, you're silly.

Liz: [no text reply...challs indubitably growing wary.... a five minute break in communication]

Challs: Put my cc back in the drawer. I don't trust u with it. Esp with ur sis cause ure a nabbunsekki. [evil brat]

Liz: NO! i don't have to listen to ur sh** no mo! punka**b*tch. Why don't you come and make me!

Challs: It's ok i have a better idea. i'm going to call the creditor and freeze the account. so if you try to use it you will be declined hahaha and then i will come and c*cksmack the sh** out of you


Challs: Waa waaa

Liz: I hate u! i gotta hurry up and speed race to saks so i can buy a bag before you freeze it!

Challs: Too late, it's frozen. no chanel for you.

Liz: UNDO IT!!!

Challs: i told them to specifically watch for 2 blonde asians.


A day in the life... of Sid and Nancy...

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