Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Written last night @ the airport....posted via Blackberry

Here we go again, off to my favorite city in the world... well, maybe that's a tad exaggerated. After all, I have yet to go to Paris and become a bohemian, Marakesh to be a gypsy, Italy to be an ex-pat wino, Japan to be a harajuku girl, or Columbia to be a drug mule.  So to be technically precise, NYC is my favorite city in the US.

I'm sitting inside the smoker's lounge, sipping an espresso. Ahh. Hartsfield Jackson Atl Airport. U can never do any wrong. I don't even mind getting here early!

I don't know what to expect for my trip. I've never felt so lucky in my life to have this wonderful opportunity to work with a famous designer during one of the biggest fashion events in the world. *doing cartwheels*  I'm so happy and feel so undeserving.

I hope I don't catch hypothermia and turn into one of those statues on the Mt. Everest trail.  (My sister would not stop talking about it for 3 days straight).  I'd probably be petrified throwing up a peace sign, cigg in mouth, head tilted slightly down and to the left, and my other hand on my hip. I have GOT to pick up another pose.  Every picture is always so damn exact.  If I don't smile, I look scary and pissed.  If I open my mouth, i look slutsome.  If I close my eyes, it looks like I'm drunk and slutsome.  Girls who are "photographic" are usually just girls who know the angles / lighting / that best compliment them.  Like me, they pick it up and run with it.  And like me, they end up looking super repetitive.

Speaking of which, I have Morrisey on repeat.  His music is so feel good.  It almost feels 80's pop-ish with an early 90's mellow flare. He's an old fat man... probably balding too... but I seem to have a soft spot for bald fat men. *wink*

Sooo, atlanta hartsfield is "testing" new TSA security measures. Because of all the complaints with the human x -ray scanner being an invasion of privacy, they created a new one.  Instead of being able to see the actual body, they've created a generic picture of a man standing feet and arms apart. If the scanner picks up something suspicious, the suspected area of the body will turn red.  Well, they made me walk through one today. I wasn't nervous cos I didn't have any drugs on me... BUT... THEY MADE ME DO IT AGAIN.  I got so scared because I thought I might have accidentally left a baggie of illegal substances in my bra.  I nearly had a panic attack.  For some reason, my boob area kept turning up yellow!  TSA made me do it a third time.  I told her I have jellys in my bra and she goes, "oh, honey, that's probably what it is".  After I collected my things, I ran to the bathroom to check my bra.  And alas...a nearly empty baggie.  I can hear my sister screaming at me whilst I am writing this. :( I know I know unnie!!  Gahs!  AT LEAST IT WAS PRACTICALLY NOTHING, SHEESH.  FYI TO ALL THE VEGAS SMUGGLERS: DO NOT DO IT.

Call time is 730am. Gonna attempt to catch some zzz's, but I'll probably be too excited to sleep. But I must try nonetheless.

xoxo, Peas

Stay tuned for the ride of a lifetime.

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